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HTC One replacement outed by Judge

HTC-M8There’s been an ongoing court case between HTC and Nokia, where Nokia is seeking an injunction preventing the sale of the HTC One because Nokia claims that HTC have infringed one of it’s patents with the HTC One. The claim relates specifically to the ‘HDR’ Microphone that is included in the HTC One and Nokia insists that the technology is theirs.

The high court judge presiding over the case has published a ruling that included language that effectively outs the HTC One replacement and states that it’s launch date will be in the first quarter of 2014.

HTC is close to launching the successor flagship model to the HTC One. HTC has not revealed the launch date. Nokia has adduced evidence which suggests that the launch date is in the first quarter of 2014 and possibly as early as February 2014.

Typically mobile phone manufacturers would want to keep their release timetables a closely guarded secret so this very public leak may displease them but for those of us loving our HTC One phones it’s great news that we’ll soon see a successor.

The judgement rules in favour of HTC in respect of the HTC One and there will be no sales ban of this phone. A ban on the HTC One would have been devastating to HTC as it’s currently their best selling phone.

There have already been several rumours and leaked shots of the new HTC One, know at the moment as the HTC M8,  and all suggest the new phone will come with Android 4.4 KitKat, 3GB of RAM, a 5-inch 1080p IPS LCD display, Boomsound speakers, and the seemingly omnipresent Snapdragon 800.

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Manage Emails So They Don’t Manage You

emailThe convenience of email can be both a blessing and a curse: never has it been so easy to keep in touch with so many people across the world. At the same time, most of us have inboxes that are creaking under the strain of their simply being too many messages to cope with.

And once email overload starts to take a grip, it’s tempting just to ignore it altogether.

Using email should be a pleasure and/or a convenience, not a chore, and the key to improving the quality of your inbox experience lies in email management. Whether you set up a system of your own or employ a selection of apps and extensions to do the job for you, getting an organized routine in place can make a world of difference to the way you use email.

Take control

Emails can quickly swallow up a substantial part of the day, if you let them. It’s important that you dictate how much time you spend checking messages, rather than simply responding to the volume of messages that come in. Decide how often you’re going to spend managing email, and resist the temptation to keep checking in too regularly. If you’re going to look at your emails, deal with them at the same time.

How this works in practice will be different for everyone, both in and out of work. Email communications may be crucial to your job or a distracting annoyance. Whatever the scenario, it’s crucial that you’re calling the shots and setting the ground rules, rather than reactively organizing the rest of your day around the demands of your emails.

Software and apps

If you’re at your wit’s end with email overload, don’t despair: help is available. Whichever app you’re using to access your messages, whether on the web or the desktop, you should find anti-spam and filtering tools that can help you take charge. Consider filtering out messages from all but your most important contacts, for example, ready to be dealt with at a later stage.

There are also many extra add-ons, extensions and third-party applications that you can employ to manage your email. The majority of these tools take the stress and strain out of organizing your email for you, cutting out unwanted messages and protecting you against viruses and phishing attempts at the same time.


Enterprise management

For those managing a business, a more comprehensive enterprise management system is required. Again, there are many options to choose from, such as the solutions offered by Mimecast, covering security, archiving and migration from other services. Pick a cloud-based service and much of the hard work is done before the messages arrive on your local system, which means you can enjoy a more optimised email experience.

Any time you take in waiting to address the issue of managing your emails is going to compound the problem and make it more difficult to untangle yourself from the mess. Get help with email management and it can transform the way you deal with emails and your communications with the outside world.

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Huawei’s Holiday Season Competition

image001Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, today launched its global holiday online competition ‘Unlock Possibilities’. The free competition provides the chance to win a line-up of goodies, culminating in two grand prize Mercedes-Benz Sports Coupes. The ‘Unlock Possibilities’ competition further demonstrates Huawei’s aspiration to become one of the leading mobile phone brands globally by bringing quality, innovative and fashionable products within reach for more people. With a focus on the HUAWEI Ascend P6, ‘Unlock Possibilities’ is set to excite a global audience as Huawei continues to build its leadership in the smartphone industry.

“While our number three ranking for smartphone shipments last quarter shows the increasing demand for our flagship handsets including the HUAWEI Ascend P6, we still have a long way to go to build the Huawei brand among consumers globally,” said Colin Giles, Executive Vice President, Huawei Consumer Business Group. “The ‘Unlock Possibilities’ competition not only delivers on our promise to create extraordinary experiences, but also provides an opportunity for more people to join us as we bring the joy of technology to more people around the world.”

The ‘Unlock Possibilities’ competition invites people to play a game and make a connection for the chance to win a range of prizes including the HUAWEI Ascend P6 smartphone and E-coupons. Game credits and golden keys will also be awarded to help people increase their chances to win one of two Mercedes-Benz Sports Coupes. To take part, visit the Huawei Device Facebook page or the official mobile site

People in the United Kingdom can also visit Huawei’s ‘Unlock Possibilities’ experience display at Westfield Shopping Centres in Stratford City and London. By playing Huawei’s digital game with a friend, users will get the chance to win Westfield shopping vouchers. At the booth, shoppers can try Huawei’s array of products including the flagship Ascend P6, Ascend P2, Ascend Mate, Ascend G510 and Ascend Y300, and retrieve discount vouchers for Westfield stockists. The flagship HUAWEI Ascend P6 has exceeded two million global shipments worldwide since its launch in July, and is now available through Europe’s mainstream carriers including Vodafone, Telefonica, Orange, and H3G, as well as the UK’s largest mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse.

The ‘Unlock Possibilities’ competition will run on Huawei Device Facebook pages and the official mobile site from December 1, 2013 to January 4, 2014. Westfield Shopping Centre activities will begin in Stratford from December 1 until December 24, 2013 and in London from November 20, 2013 until January 5, 2014. Grand prize winners will be notified by phone and email while runners-up will be notified by email.

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