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Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One compared (Part 2)

IMG_3307 Last week, in part one of my comparison between the HTC One and the Galaxy S4, I looked at the camera on both devices and published a selection of photos for you to make your own judgement with. Thanks to all that provided feedback.

This week I decided to concentrate on the screens of both devices in an attempt to decide which was best. Once again, the results of this were not as totally clear cut as I had initially expected, but I’ll discuss that as I go.

So lets start with the numbers.

The HTC One has a 4.7″ 1080×1920 (full HD) screen giving a 469 ppi pixel density. The technology used here is Super LCD3 and is, naturally, capacitive touchscreen. Covering the display, Gorilla Glass 2 aims to prevent scratches and knocks.

The Samsung has the same 1080×1920 resolution but is a slightly larger 5.0″ screen for a slightly lower 441 ppi pixel density. Instead of LCD, here you’ll find a Super AMOLED display this time covered with Gorilla Glass 3. I’m unsure as to the difference between the Gorilla Glass types but one assumes the 3 is better than 2.

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