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HTC One (retail) unboxing video

htc-one It’s been about six weeks since I first got my hands on the HTC One and I recorded the typical unboxing and demo video.

The unit I unboxed back then was a pre-release unit and although it was final hardware it wasn’t final ROM nor was it in final retail packaging, coming instead in the customary plain white box from HTC.

So for the sake of completeness I thought I would record another video now that I have the retail version in my hands to show what you get if you buy an HTC One on the high street, and also to recap the specs.

If you are looking for a bit more detail please check out the earlier HTC One demo video.


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Grand Theft Auto 5 new trailers

September 17th is a huge day in the calendar for us gamers as it is the day that grand theft auto 5 is unleashed unto the world! and today Rockstar games have given us more reason to pre-order the game as soon as we possibly can by releasing a series of three trailers based solely on the games three playable characters: Michael, Franklin and Trevor. All of the trailers give us a glimpse of what we can expect from Rockstars epic addition to one of the greatest gaming series of our generation.

There really isn’t much more that i can say to you guys apart from the obvious which is enjoy!

GTA5 trailer



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