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Nokia Lumia 520 unboxing video

Nokia-Lumia-520 Nokia seems to be bouncing back quite well at the moment and their Windows Phone 8 powered Lumia range seems to be serving them rather well.

Yesterday I managed to get hold of one of their latest handsets, the Nokia Lumia 520. Pitched as an ‘affordable value smartphone’ it’s the smallest of the range and sits firmly at the bottom end sitting under the Lumia 620 and cheaper by around £50.

There are a few features absent from this model, for example there’s no front facing camera and the rear 5 megapixel shooter has no LED flash for companionship. The former may be of little concern to most but the later may be of concern to many. The camera itself is also not great but usable.

On the more positive side, true to the rest of the range, there are colour options for the 520 and you can change the back cover to update the colour to match your mood. Very important to the fashion conscious I’m sure.

So what we do have is a fairly small and light Windows Phone 8 device that’s actually quite capable.

Check out the unboxing video below to see more.


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