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HTC One cases from Mobile Fun

DD1 I’ve never really been a fan of putting a phone in a case. I just don’t really like how it affects the shape, size or design of the phone. However, with phones becoming larger, their screens becoming bigger and more fragile, getting a decent quality case for your phone is a very sensible thing to do in order to protect your investment.

Buying a case for a phone that has just been released isn’t as easy as if you were buying one for a phone that has been on the market for a while so upon getting my HTC One, and realising that it definitely needed some protection, it was time to scour the web for something suitable.

I recently came across the site and they already have tons of suitable cases in stock.

I picked the ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case as it looked like that would offer optimal protection, ideal for when I’m spending the day in a more ‘hazardous’ environment. I also picked the Double Dip Hard Shell as this seemed to offer a design that was in keeping with the look of the HTC One.

Have a look at the video and photos below to see them in greater detail. Both are excellent, fit well and have all the cut-outs and holes in the right place, definitely worth considering!


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