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HTC One camera

HTC One camera I’ve spoken about the HTC One quite a lot lately and wanted to turn to the camera now.

I have been using the HTC One as my main device for around a month. I knocked my iPhone 5 off the top spot and that has now been relegated to being the backup phone that I carry.

As we’ve discussed here in the past, HTC decided not to go the route that many other manufacturers have, and cram in more and more megapixels in to their camera sensors. Instead HTC used a sensor with ‘only’ 4 megapixels, way below almost everything else on the market.

However, HTC have then used a sensor where each individual pixel is considerably larger. Larger pixels mean that each one can capture more light. More light means better pictures. HTC call this an UltraPixel sensor.

So what does this actually work in practice?

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