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Netflix for Android updated with support for 4.2


If you are a Netflix subscriber, (and if you are not I would highly recommend joining) it’s good news as they have rolled out an update for the app. With many of us now running Android 4.2 it’s a welcome sign and let’s hope other developers follow suit. 

The improvements include:

  • Large volume button
  • Easy scrubbing with new screen stills
  • Improved stability and playback bug fixes

You can download Netflix for Android here.


Source: Android Central

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Nokia Lumia 920 Unboxing Video


Nokia’s latest flagship device, the Lumia 920, has finally graced us with its prescience. While the device is a real beauty you must bear in mind that it is a heavy phone – weighing 185g, and isn’t as thin as some of the Windows Phone  competitors. That doesn’t put me off but to many it may.

Running Windows Phone 8 the Lumia 920 not only offers the latest mobile OS from Microsoft but also Nokia’s own apps such as Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps. Combined with what looks to be a stunning camera, including the PureView Technology, I suspect the 920 could be the Windows Phone with the most success. However, will the general consumer agree? Only time will tell.

You can catch our unboxing of the red variety of the Lumia 920 below and we will have a full review coming shortly.


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Samsung ATIV S delayed – yet again


Sad news for you Windows Phone fans that have been waiting to pick up the Samsung ATIV S. It seems that the device has been delayed yet again according to our good friends at Expansys.

The word on the street is that the device will now be in stock (hopefully) on Thurs 13th December. Once again, Samsung for whatever reason, are missing out on the Windows Phone 8 battle. The Nokia and HTC handsets are already getting huge attraction from WP8 fans. It seems that Samsung really are missing out and I can’t for the life of me think why.

With the South Korean company being so huge these days I’m wondering how much they actually care about Windows Phone, what with their Android market share. Let’s hope this new date stays true or they may well be too late to the Windows Phone party.


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