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Samsung’s ATIV S and ATIV Tab release dates delayed


Expansys were expecting stock of both Windows ATIV devices this month but they have today confirmed that the dates have been pushed back and fingers crossed it will now be December 4th. I suppose that if you were planning on buying one as a Christmas present at least you have a couple of extra weeks to save your pennies!

You can check out the two devices using the following links:

Samsung ATIV S

Samsung ATIV Tab


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Wanting the Google Nexus 4? It is out of stock already

Nexus 4

If you have been eagerly awaiting to order the Nexus 4 from Google Play and you didn’t get in quick I’m afraid you are going to be disappointed. Here in Europe both the 8GB and 16GB are now showing as out of stock which either means the device has been rather popular or maybe LG didn’t make enough?

Both phones offer great value for money – the 8GB is only £239 and the 16GB at £279. If you fancy the Nexus 10 instead then that one is currently in stock although it clearly isn’t a Nexus 4 replacement but it does look to be a great large Android tablet.

If you have to get the Nexus 4 then head on over to Google Play and enter your email address so they can keep you in the loop.


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Nokia Lumia 920 in stock at Expansys tomorrow


If you have been waiting for Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone 8 device then good news as you can grab one from tomorrow. Expansys will have a limited stock so you had better get in quick. SIM free the phone isn’t cheap at £544.99 but what a beauty it looks and it is available in white, red, black or yellow.

The Nokia Lumia 920 is the flagship Windows Phone 8 smartphone, including the latest advances in Nokia PureView imaging innovation. Using advanced floating lens technology, the camera in the Nokia Lumia 920 is able to take in five times more light than competing smartphones without using flash, making it possible to capture clear, bright pictures and video indoors and at night. It also compensates for hand movement while the photo is being taken.

The Nokia Lumia 920 also comes with Nokia City Lens, the latest addition to the Nokia location suite. By pointing the camera at a city street, City Lens overlays information about restaurants, shops, hotels and more on the surfaces of buildings, for the most intuitive way to explore surroundings. Nokia City Lens is the start of a new augmented reality experience that also enhances Nokia Maps, making it possible to move between maps view and augmented reality view to help people check their direction and surroundings. Along with enhancements to Nokia Drive and Nokia Transport, the Nokia location suite of services represents the most comprehensive, integrated mapping experience of any smartphone.

The Nokia Lumia 920 also comes with Nokia’s largest ever battery (2000mAh) and, for the first time, built-in wireless charging for an easy, convenient way to get more out of every day.

Order here.


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