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Samsung Galaxy Beam unboxing and demo video

samsung-galaxy-beam-2012 Remember the Pico Pocket projector that we reviewed a few years ago? Well what happens when one of those mates with a mobile phone? You get offspring that look like the Samsung Galaxy Beam of course!

We never got to play with the original Beam announce a in 2010 (the i8520) and to be honest I don’t even know if that made it to market in the end, maybe it was a little too soon but this new model Galaxy Beam (i8530) is on sale now and you can pick it up from the chaps at Clove Technology.

The Beam has quite a decent specification even without the projector; rocking 768MB RAM, Dual Core 1GHz CPU and 5MP camera. It may not be top of the range but add in the DLP projector and we’re looking at a whole new proposition.

The nHD projector (where the hell did nHD come from?!) is 15 lumens and 640×360 pixels. It doesn’t sound too bright and really it isn’t but get a reasonably dark room and the little LED powered projector does a half decent job. How practical that is within real world environments is perhaps questionable. I’m not sure that rocking up to a meeting with this little device in tow and asking for the lights to be turned off and the blinds closed would really cut it nor can I see it working so well with your mates in the pub.

One disappointment is in the OS department, the Beam ships with Gingerbread 2.3.6 which I hope would see an upgrade in the very near future.

Anyway, check out the unboxing a demo video below and see for yourself.


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