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Get the ultimate screen protection from Expansys


Looking for the ultimate screen protector for your smartphone? Expansys may well have the answer with Crystalusion Liquid Galss.

Layer your tech in Liquid Glass for cutting edge protection: Crystalusion Liquid Glass is a futuristic and effective way of protecting your smartphone, laptop, tablet, iPod, PSP or PC monitor. Using nanotechnology, it provides a resistive layer that protects coated surfaces from dirt, oil, dust, abrasion and bacteria for up to 12 months. Rather than a solid layer of plastic it is actually a liquid that you wipe onto your device. This then sets, in a matter of minutes, to form a protective layer that is approximately 500 times thinner than a human hair. As it’s a liquid there won’t be any annoying bubbles that form and you can apply it to the whole of your device for all round protection. You can even use it for your sunglasses, goggles or glasses all for the great price of only £6.99.

So what are the benefits of Crystalusion  Liquid Glass? Well, when it comes to protecting your AV, media or communications device it offers some amazing benefits to protect not only the screen but the entire device!

  • Being applied as a liquid it provides bubble-free protection
  • Doesn’t impair functionality or vision
  • Protection against abrasion
  • Can improve the visible appearance of minor hairline scuffs
  • Reduces finger marks
  • Provides an easy to clean surface
  • Gives antimicrobial protection
  • Resistant to both acid and alkaline
  • Protection against water and humidity (Hydrophobicity)
  • Protection against oil and oil based substances (Oleophobicity)

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