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Updated Facebook app for Windows Phone – Video


We mentioned yesterday that the Facebook application for Windows Phone 7.5 had received a rather nice update so I thought I would record a quick video to demonstrate the app in case you are thinking of jumping on the Windows Phone band wagon.

The following items have been introduced/updated in version 2.3: News feed performance improvements, New panorama design, New profile design, Banner Images, Improved navigation, Pages, Groups, View "likes", Feed filters, Posting privacy and Bug fixing.

The app is now so much better and brings things more on par with the Facebook application on other platforms.

You can see the video below:

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Going to the Arctic? Take a Samsung Galaxy S II with you

Galaxy S 2

Samsung Electronics UK is proud to announce that its best-selling smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S II, has prevailed in an independent test to ascertain whether phones can function in severe sub-zero temperatures. The endurance test conducted by Finnish magazine MikroPC, has verified that the Galaxy S II is able to function in temperatures ranging from 38°C to -20°C.

The technical review team at MikroPC tested 15 of the most popular mobile phones available to buy in Finland at the Weather Room, a scientific lab situated in the VTT Technical Research Centre at Espoo, Finland. This specialised research lab enables researchers to control the internal temperature, meaning readings can be altered to a fraction of a degree.

MikroPC discovered that the most weather resilient smartphone was the Samsung Galaxy S II, which functioned until temperatures reached -35°C. It was also the only smartphone to run smoothly when the temperature reached -30°C. While the Samsung Galaxy Xcover was not part of the comparison between the 15 most popular mobile phones, it performed just as well as the Galaxy S II.

The initial temperature in the research lab was set to 0°C, from which it was lowered by increments of five degrees until the smartphones being tested stopped functioning. One by one the popular smartphones gave into the cold; however, all five tested Samsung phones survived beyond -20°C.

A major contributing factor that causes smartphones to fail at sub-zero temperatures is the battery. When the temperature drops low enough, mobile phones register that its battery is empty, even if fully charged, and will not turn on.

For those willing to brave the cold, the Samsung Galaxy S II is the smartphone of choice for the arctic climate.


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ZTE Tania now in stock at Clove


You can now pick up the rather nicely priced ZTE Tania over at Clove.  After last weeks price drop it can be yours for £165.83 (£199.99 inc. VAT). Don’t let the price fool you though, its low price tag does not mean low quality.

Key features of the Tania include:

  • Windows Phone 7.5

  • 1GHz processor

  • 4.3 inch display

  • 5 megapixel camera with auto focus & flash

  • 4GB Internal Memory

  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n

  • 3G/HSPA


You can order yours today by clicking here.


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A Love story: Google and Motorola Mobility

Gavel-courtroomThe Department of Justice gave its seal of approval to Google’s proposed takeover of U.S. cell-phone maker Motorola Mobility on Monday, just hours after European regulators also gave the deal clearance.

The $12.5 billion acquisition positions Google to move into the device market and potentially into more direct competition with companies like Apple.
Google wants to own the hardware to pair with its Android operating system for smartphones, and could use the acquisition to protect patents as well as to develop other devices such as home gaming systems.

“The combination of Google and Motorola Mobility will help supercharge Android,” Google’s Don Harrison said in a blog post earlier in the day. “It will also enhance competition and offer consumers faster innovation, greater choice, and wonderful user experiences.”

The European Union earlier on Monday approved the deal, which still needs the approval of regulators in several other countries, including China.


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