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Sony Ericsson announces

vscreensblogs Sony Ericsson have just launched their vscreens Android app which allows Xperia owners to share images and presentations to other internet enabled devices using a cloud service.

Details from Sony Ericsson:

Recently, we tried a service from Sony Ericsson that makes showing images and presentations really easy from your Xperia:, a cloud service that allows you to make any big screen with a browser, like a PC, Google TV, PlayStation3 or Internet enabled screens,  display your content within seconds

With, you only need to download the app from Android Market, then set your browser on the big screen to and hold your phone up  so the app reads the QRcode in the screen, and that’s it! You can start showing off the great pictures you took on your latest trips to your friends and family, without the need of cables, bluetooth pairing or setting up things like  DNLA or SMB servers.

The service works with any device with Android 2.1 and higher versions, so you can use your Xperia phone or any other phone or device with Android.

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Super funky stand type cover thing for Asus Transformer Prime

asus-smart-cover-eeepad-1Here is an excellent accessory that was revealed for the up-coming Asus Transformer Prime. It’s a magnetic folding cover, similar to the one for the Apple iPad, but it looks vastly improved and far more impressive. In fact, its design looks inspired by the art of origami, although much simpler to operate. Although there is no word on when this accessory will ship, (just as we aren’t sure about the Transformer Prime either), you can already order the origami like add-on on for EUR 39.99.
There is no word on whether a version will come to the States, but perhaps that might eventually happen.

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