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Vodafone Data Test Drive

Vodafone have launched a new initiative to help you get on the right data plan depending on your needs. All new Smartphone users will be able to use as much data as they like within the first three months of a contract. At the end of that time Vodafone will tell you how much data you have used and advise if a different plan is required. How jolly decent of them.
Vodafone say:

We’re changing how we charge for data to help you unlock the full potential of mobile internet on your smartphone. Whether you’re browsing the web, using the latest apps or just keeping up with friends by email, we want you to feel in complete control.

Choose from our range of the latest smartphones and you can use the internet as much as you like – with no additional charges – for the first 3 months of your plan.

We’ll keep an eye on your usage. Then – at the end of your 3 month Data Test Drive – we’ll send you a text to let you know how you’ve got on.

You might be surprised to find that you’re already on the right plan. So you can go on using the internet on your smartphone, knowing there won’t be any bill shock.

But even if you exceed your data allowance during the Data Test Drive, don’t worry – you’ll have the option to add a higher data allowance to your plan, and we’ll let you know the monthly cost.

If you decide you’d like the higher data price plan, all you need to do is reply to the text within 3 days, free of charge. We’ll make sure your new data plan is applied to your account at the end of your Data Test Drive.

So whichever of the latest smartphones you choose – with our Data Test Drive offer you’ll know which data package suits you best.


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Thames Valley Police use the BlackBerry Solution – Video


We have covered UK Police Forces using the BlackBerry solution a couple of times before here on tracyandmatt, however RIM have released a new video on their YouTube channel this time featuring Thames Valley Police.

As you will see in the video after the break, Thames Valley Police are reaping the rewards of using BlackBerry Smartphones. With officers carrying the devices it allows them to spend more time on the streets and less time in the Police Station. With us, the public, paying for our Police the more time they are visible the better and statistics prove this presence alone deters/prevents crime.

Deploying BlackBerry is about enabling our front-line officers to police smarter, not harder. Being able to access police computer systems via BlackBerry smartphones means less time spent travelling between stations. Officers no longer need to go back to the station every time they need to access information from a computer, or pick up briefing information for a shift. Officers will also be better informed with up-to-the-minute information which will significantly improve their service to local communities’ said Keith Gough, mobile information project manager at Thames Valley Police.

You can see the video below:

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Fujifilm FinePix REAL 3D W3 unboxing video

pic_additional_01 Many of you will know that I am currently sunning myself with the family in Orlando, Florida. I decided to bring my HTC Evo 3D with me as I thought that pictures and video of us all enjoying the attractions would be fun. However, as good as the Evo is, when you take those 3D photos and try to either print them or convert them to 2D for review on a PC or a Mac they are a bit lacking, mainly because the photos are not captured at the full 5 megapixels that the cameras are capable of but instead uses only 2 megapixels. You may well ask why there are two 5mp sensors then but that’s a topic for another time!

So enjoying the idea of the 3D photos and video I decided to see what other options there were out there and stumbled across the Fujifilm Finepix W3 digital camera. This one seemed to tick all the boxes, has dual 10 megapixel sensors and takes full 10 mp 3D photos as well as taking 720P 3D movies. Furthermore the W3 has a 3.5″ 3D LCD screen and 3x optical zoom. The price isn’t too bad either so I ordered one for delivery here and decided to unbox from the comfort of my hotel.

Below you’ll find a short unboxing video and I’ll have a full review for you once I get back from my travels.


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Quick review: Digital Journal for BlackBerry PlayBook

Dig J

Digital Journal is a beautiful News Feed application that has recently come to the Blackberry Playbook and the iPad. It has taken a place in my ‘Favourites’ on my Playbook due to its beautiful design and handy information.
Now Digital Journal isn’t like most news applications in that the News stories aren’t from websites, they are from bloggers who write specifically for Digital Journal. So if you are looking for an application in which you can input your own News Feeds, look elsewhere. However, this application is still a very useful as the bloggers that write for it clearly have a high level of experience. In addition, all the stories that are written are relevant to current affairs.

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