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IM+ coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook

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Here at tracyandmatt we have covered various versions of IM+ over the past couple of years. The multi platform instant messaging client is coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook which is good news if you ask me. I often use IM+ on both my BlackBerry and iPad and as I will be picking up a PlayBook it is nice to see that some familiar apps will be supported.

No date is given yet for the app, but I have just spoken with Shape Services and as soon as it is ready we will have a copy so we can bring you a video demo.


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Buy a Motorola XOOM today

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Yep, if you have been waiting to purchase the Motorola XOOM then today is the day you can. If you head over to the Carphone Warehouse you can pick one up either on contract or buy it outright. You can get the XOOM free on contract from £25 per month or buy it outright for £579.99.

Here is a quick overview of the XOOM:

Motorola XOOMT 3G is a fast, powerful tablet with all the features you need to stay entertained and get online on the go. It’s one of the most feature-rich and exciting tablets yet.

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BlackBerry PlayBook – Official Promo Video

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To coincide with yesterdays BlackBerry PlayBook launch in the States and Canada, Research in Motions YouTube channel has been updated with a rather nice promo video for the PlayBook. As you will see if you watch the video there are a few famous faces that crop up. Although the clip is less than a minute and a half long RIM have managed to cram many of the PlayBooks best features into the video.

Here in the UK we are still waiting for a launch date however BlackBerry UK’s homepage has today changed and we have the PlayBook on their as ‘coming soon’.

Come on RIM. I’m bursting with excitement!

You can see the video below:

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