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Media Sync on the BlackBerry PlayBook

blackberry_logo have this week filmed a rather interesting video with the BlackBerry PlayBook. We have known for a while that the PlayBook will sync media just like any other Blackberry using the BlackBerry Desktop Software but we have not seen it in action.

As you will see in the video below the syncing process is just the same as it is currently with BlackBerry Smartphones, but where the PlayBook comes into its own is with its superb multitasking skills. If you currently use an iPod or iPhone for example you will be familiar with the fact that when you sync you must wait for the process to be complete before you can do anything else with the device. Things are a little different with PlayBook. Once the sync starts it will carry on syncing in the background allowing you to carry on using the PlayBook for other tasks. Nice.

You can see the demo below:

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Seenda Power Magic unboxing video

Music Magic Sometimes simple-but-effective accessories come along and it’s easier to show you them with a video than a wordy post. The Seenda Power Magic is one of those accessories.

In essence it performs three functions:

  • It’s an FM transmitter so can be used to listen to music from your iPhone/iPod in your car (it also works with other MP3 players thanks to the 3.5mm headphone jack).
  • It’s an emergency charger; the 1300mAh battery will let you charge a iPhone/iPod or other USB powered device.
  • Finally it’s a hands-free car kit; Using the FM transmitter and the built in mic you can use the Power Magic for hands-free calling.

To show you a bit more of the Power Magic I recorded a quick video which you can see below.

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