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Sanyo Xacti VPC-CA100 unboxing video

i_pic03_02 If you’ve been to our site much in the past of have watched many of our unboxing videos then you’ll probably know that we’re quite fond of Sanyo’s Xactia range of HD camcorders. In fact we have been using a Xacti HD1010 to record our unboxing videos for the past few years. I like the quality of the recordings and the convenience of the SD card and standard MP4 video format makes it easy to use and edit the footage.

A few days ago Sanyo sent us their latest Xacti CA100. Similar in design to their previous pistol-grip style cameras the CA100 offers 1080P video recording and is waterproof to a depth of 3m. This is a good improvement over earlier waterproof models, such as the CA9, which were limited to 720P and waterproof to a depth of just 1.5 metres. Oh and the zoom is up from 5x to 12x as well.

There are numerous other enhancements but we’ll cover those when we get to the full review in about a week or so. For now enjoy the unboxing video below, recorded on the HD1010.


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Samsung Galaxy Player 50 Demo Video


As promised when I did the unboxing video, below you will find a brief demo video of the Samsung Galaxy Player. I have been using the device for a week or so and although the full review is coming soon a video is always a bonus.

As you will see the device is pretty good when it comes to media and using the web browser but I have had some hiccups when it comes to playing games that I downloaded from the Android Market.

As a rival to the Apple iPod you will also see me compare the two devices side by side and conduct a little web browsing experiment to see which of the two loads web pages the quickest. You will have to watch to see the result!

See the video after the break:

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