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Orange launch the LG Optimus One with UMA

Screen shot 2010-11-19 at 12.54.16

Orange have today announced they are stocking the LG Optimus One Android device with the added bonus of UMA.

A smartphone that caters for your needs without complicating matters. The LG Optimus One takes the hassle out of phone customisation with its app advisor, uses Android 2.2 for faster web-browsing, and the capactive screen responds to your every touch. With camera, media player, social networking apps and more, if you’re looking for a simple solution then you’ve found your phone.

If you have poor signal strength at home then the Optimus One could be right up your street. The UMA technology that Orange support will enable your phone to route all phone calls as well as data over your home broadband connection via Wi-Fi, therefore giving you full signal strength.

To find out more about UMA click here.

Why not pop over the the Orange site and see what deals they have with the Optimus one.

Full specification after the break:


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Blackberry Bold 9780 in white from Vodafone


As the title of the post suggests, if you are in market for a new BlackBerry then you may want to consider the white 9780 from Vodafone.

You can get the 9780 from free on monthly plans from £29.37. Sounds alright to me.

Head on over to Vodafone and see what plan suits you best and if you have not seen our BlackBerry Bold 9780 review you may want to check that out too.


See a reminder of the 9780 specification after the break:


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Amazon Kindle – Clever packaging

34140425_OVR_440x330A warning for all who are interested in buying an Amazon Kindle for a loved/liked one this Christmas, don’t open it when it arrives. As you might not expect from a lump of technology the box it arrives in, through the post, is the actual packaged unit. Have a look as the pictures submitted by a friend Paul. Paul has now opened his wife’s present. He will have to tape it up and hope she does not notice.  Cool move Amazon.


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A sliding QWERTY for the iPhone

boxwave apple_iphone4_bluetooth_keyboard_case_open_lg

Boxwave have produced a rather nice sliding keyboard for iPhone users. AT $70.00 it is not cheap but I do see this as being pretty good value for money.

The case can be pre-ordered from the Boxwave website and delivery is showing as mid December. 

Clean and modern, the Keyboard Buddy Case appears to simply be a protective case when the keyboard is not in use. Combining ergonomic technology with sleek aesthetics, the Keyboard Buddy Case is a protective backing for your Apple iPhone 4 that also includes an integrated slide-out Bluetooth keyboard. The low-profile keyboard slides out smoothly, allowing you to easily transition between the Apple iPhone 4’s touch screen and a physical keyboard.


More features and photos after the break:

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Huawei IDEOS Review

Huawei IDEOS Review I have here the most exciting review device I’ve done to date for; the Huawei IDEOS. This isn’t just any old ordinary release by the company that provided MiFi and pretty much every half decent mobile broadband dongle to date, it is the very first of very many mobile phones to ship with Android 2.2 Froyo! So as you can probably gather already I was ridiculously excited to have been given this review so I hope that I don’t disappoint.

If you really want to know more about this super exciting new handset then read on!


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Orange San Francisco coming soon in White


I just spotted this over on the Orange sites coming soon section. It’s the San Francisco but this time reincarnated in White.

The white version clearly doesn’t make the phone any better but it does look pretty cool and may even turn a few heads.

If you have not seen our review of the San Francisco you really should. If you want a decent Android phone and don’t want to spend a lot then what better way than getting the San Francisco for only £99.00!


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htc-brilliant-logoToday HTC launched it’s business division dedicated to providing HTC’s smartphones within businesses. This brand new part of HTC will provide businesses with advice, technical support, additional resources and even a dedicated team who will help the businesses of all sizes find the right platforms and handsets for their needs.

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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 96 Take two of these and call me in the morning

Web banner Gareth and Andy are joined by James from the road and Uncle Travelling Matt in Florida for your weekly dosage of mobile nonsense. This week Matt has reviewed the Desire Z and manages to phone in for a whine about Orange and some alarming banter with James. Gareth satisfies his Android tablet fix for the week. Andy kicks up about the networks and seems almost positive about the Pre 2. James fades in an out as his 3G and wifi connection in a distant English town fail him time and time again.

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Playbook vs iPad – Video


Research in Motion today posted a rather interesting video on their YouTube channel. A comparison of the Playbooks web browser along side the Apple iPad.

As you will see RIM are clearly rather excited about the performance of the PlayBook and I don’t blame them. It looks like the PlayBook’s browser totally out shines the iPad’s.

With the added bonus of full flash support the PlayBook has certainly got my attention now.

See the video after the break.


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Toshiba NB250 Netbook Review

NB250-open-front As the netbook era seems to be drawing to a close Toshiba manages to squeeze out one last option for your mobile computing needs. Sandwiched between the oldie but goodie, NB200 and the king of the heap, NB305, the NB250 lurks in the background like a ninja. Is it Batman, ready for action or Karate dressed in black (that’s an obscure Batfink reference by the way?)

Read on to find out more.

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