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Mobile Tech Addicts 98 – Prestigious Award Wannabes

Web banner Gareth, Andy, James, Matt and Tracy babble about the recent happenings in the mobile industry around the UK. Andy ‘s fondled the Blackberry 8980, Gareth puts out his Archos 101 review, James goes to a very disappointing awards ceremony, Matt investigates Huawei’s latest and Tracy pulls in some killer bargains. With laughter, action, adventure and even the threat of a musical number this is the UK podcast to listen to!

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Free BlackBerry Services from T-Mobile

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Those nice chaps at T-Mobile have announced a rather nice offer for us BlackBerry fans. If you click this link you can enter your details and T-Mobile will send you one or two sim cards with six months BlackBerry Services free of charge.

If you are a PAYG customer then as an added bonus you will get unlimited texts when you top up £10.00 per month.

Vodafone did a similar thing recently which I would imagine was a big hit. Nice to see T-Mobile following.


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Vodafone reduce EU roaming data charges


Vodafone has kindly decided to slash the price of using a smartphone for UK consumers travelling in Europe. How decent of them.

The new pricing provides daily and monthly rates for customers to use their domestic smartphone data plans when they are abroad. Those who travel occasionally can take a domestic data plan abroad for ?2 per day, which represents a cost reduction of up to 60% over existing plans and includes an increase to the data allowance.

Meanwhile, frequent travellers can select to take a price plan which includes data roaming within their monthly domestic package. Both offers are available for consumer or business customers.

The new plans will be rolled out in Vodafone’s major European markets during November and December 2010, in time for the winter holiday season, and across the company’s entire European footprint by summer next year.

The announcement is backed by a major marketing campaign with the strapline ‘feel free to use your smartphone abroad’.

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