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Clingo Universal Vent Mount – Video


The vent mount from Clingo is a novel and unique new solution to car mounting. Featuring a reusable sticky pad the Clingo can be used to mount practically any smartphone, PDA or sat-nav device. The ball and socket joint provide 360 degree tilt viewing angles so you can find the perfect position to suit your driving style. Incredibly easy to install – the Clingo Vent Mount will just clip to practically any car air conditioning vent

The unique sticky pad provides the ability to securely fix a unit to the mount whilst allowing speedy removal – leaving absolutely no residue on the back of your device. The design means you can even keep your phone in its protective case, so unlike other model specific mounts you don’t have to take the case on and off every time you make a journey.

After the break you can see a quick demonstration of the Clingo vent mount in action. 

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Orange launch the LG Optimus One with UMA

Screen shot 2010-11-19 at 12.54.16

Orange have today announced they are stocking the LG Optimus One Android device with the added bonus of UMA.

A smartphone that caters for your needs without complicating matters. The LG Optimus One takes the hassle out of phone customisation with its app advisor, uses Android 2.2 for faster web-browsing, and the capactive screen responds to your every touch. With camera, media player, social networking apps and more, if you’re looking for a simple solution then you’ve found your phone.

If you have poor signal strength at home then the Optimus One could be right up your street. The UMA technology that Orange support will enable your phone to route all phone calls as well as data over your home broadband connection via Wi-Fi, therefore giving you full signal strength.

To find out more about UMA click here.

Why not pop over the the Orange site and see what deals they have with the Optimus one.

Full specification after the break:


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Blackberry Bold 9780 in white from Vodafone


As the title of the post suggests, if you are in market for a new BlackBerry then you may want to consider the white 9780 from Vodafone.

You can get the 9780 from free on monthly plans from £29.37. Sounds alright to me.

Head on over to Vodafone and see what plan suits you best and if you have not seen our BlackBerry Bold 9780 review you may want to check that out too.


See a reminder of the 9780 specification after the break:


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Amazon Kindle – Clever packaging

34140425_OVR_440x330A warning for all who are interested in buying an Amazon Kindle for a loved/liked one this Christmas, don’t open it when it arrives. As you might not expect from a lump of technology the box it arrives in, through the post, is the actual packaged unit. Have a look as the pictures submitted by a friend Paul. Paul has now opened his wife’s present. He will have to tape it up and hope she does not notice.  Cool move Amazon.


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