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Sony Ericsson’s Windows Phone 7 plans


A few sites have posted a Sony Ericsson leak that says that the company plan to release the Xperia X7 and X7 mini in the new year. If these rumours were true these devices would be the first Windows Phone 7 devices that Sony Ericsson release.

I am however, rather reluctant to confirm that these two devices are indeed real. Sony Ericsson will be supporting Windows Phone 7 but I’m not sure if the X7 and X7 mini are names that we should expect too soon, if at all.

Here is the official word from Sony Ericsson regarding future devices.

Sony Ericsson has a multi-platform strategy and an open approach that gives us flexibility and consumers choice. Windows phone remains part of our multiplatform strategy, but as a general policy we do not comment on future product announcements. We currently have Symbian-based phones in our portfolio, but we have no plans to develop new phones on the Symbian operating system.


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HTC Desire Z review

DesireZ-main The HTC Desire Z is the handset that I’ve been most looking forward to reviewing since it was announced along with the HTC Desire HD just a short while ago.

I do like devices with hardware keyboards even since the first HTC Blue Angel that I had all those years ago to the HTC TyTY, TyTN II and then Touch Pro I have rarely been with out a device with a QWERTY keyboard. For a while there seems to have been a bit of a gap in devices with a decent QWERTY keyboard and Android powered handsets with QWERTY have been quite few. Sure there have been a couple from Motorola but I was personally unimpressed with quality of them.

So now we have the latest HTC Deisre Z to look at. Running Android 2.2 and with the newest implementation of HTC Sense it promises deliver an unrivalled user experience. The operating system is virtually the same as the HTC Desire HD that James reviewed a few days ago so I’ll be concentrating on the hardware in this one.

Read on for the full review.


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