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Windows Walkie Talkie Mobile

10718317-walkie-talkie-mobile-phoneComing soon is the True Intercom Mobile Phone, Walkie-talkie Cell Phone Babiken V1. This is a Windows Mobile 6.5 GPS WIFI Smartphone PDA with a capacitive screen.

Babiken V1 mobile phone is the first China mobile phone that integrate real Walkie-talkie function. More amazingly it is a windows mobile 6.5 pda smartphone, so you also have WIFI for internet and can install windows mobile applications. With its bulit-in GPS antenna, you can use it as a navigator as well. For intercom function, please remember you have two phones to actualize it.

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3 cut roaming charges for South Africa 2010 World Cup finals


Operator Three has today “slashed” its voice and data roaming charges for football fans travelling to the World Cup in South Africa.
From today, Three customers accessing the internet in South Africa using a mobile phone or a mobile broadband dongle will be charged £1.25 per MB.

Three claims its roaming charges are 50 percent less than its nearest UK rival, and claims one operator is charging £8 per MB.
Three has also reduced the cost of making a call from South Africa by 30 per cent. Customers will be charged £1.40 per minute for an outgoing call and 99p to receive.

Sending an MMS picture message will be charged at 25p and a standard SMS text will cost 25p.
Three said the reductions will allow its customers to continue to access the web, update their social network status and send emails without the fear of incurring substantial charges.
The offer will remain in place through the duration of the tournament with all customers will automatically be given the discounted rate when entering the country.
Three sales and marketing director Marc Allera said: “Staying in touch with friends and family while abroad, and sharing the experiences you are having, is really important to our customers. Smartphones mean that data roaming is now mainstream, but some operator’s data roaming prices are still eye-wateringly high.
“That’s why we have decided to reduce the cost of doing this for UK fans travelling to South Africa for the World Cup, especially around data roaming prices. It’s great news for Three’s customers travelling out for the world’s biggest sporting event.”

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TVcatchup catches up with the iPad


The covered TVcatchup when in its infancy long, long ago however now they have upgraded it to be iPad compliant. Whilst added login details for viewing however it appears the same smooth feel is still evident. Check it out you iPadder.

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LG Panther specs rumoured

1275392965.usr7There isn’t too much to glee of the LG Panther however there is of note, 720p video recording, a 5 MP Camera, AMOLED screen, and a Snapdragon. Nothing that’s to surprising, and it’s still with an expected drop date of Q4 2010.

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HTC Evo 4G and HTC HD2 side by side

Wirefly have filmed a little comparison between the HTC HD2 and the HTC Evo 4G. Two devices almost identical in size yet one running Android, the other Windows Mobile 6.5. It’s nice to see the two devices together as a lot do consider the Evo to be essentially the HD2 running Android. Whilst there are no plans for the Evo to arrive in the UK it would be imaginable that a non 4G version will probably appear at some stage, God willing.

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Samsung Wave unboxing video

Samsung Wave_GT-S8500_1 It seems like a long time ago that we first saw that Samsung Wave, back at MWC in February in fact so it has taken a little while to make it to market.

The Samsung Wave is the first handsets to feature Samsung’s new BADA operating system and the new TouchWiz 3.0 user interface. It’s also the first handset that I have come across to have a Super AMOLED display. I’d heard that this new display technology was good but seeing it for myself i have to say it really is stunning, clear, sharp, bright and incredibly colourful.

The unboxing video and demo you see below was literally the first time I’d touched the handset and I have to say I am initially impressed. However it takes a little more than first impressions for a product to get a thumbs-up from us so you’ll have to wait a week or so for us to put it through it’s paces and complete the full review.

For now you can see the handset in more detail in the video below.

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