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Google to slow down on the updates


One important problem with Android is its current fragmentation state. There are various Android handsets out there all running different Android versions. While everyone wants Android 2.2 Froyo, which was recently introduced at Google I/O, that might not happen soon as manufacturers and carriers are having a hard time offering all those updates.
Google is well aware of the problem and it looks like Andy Rubin is ready to commit to just one yearly Android update, not two as we currently have. Here’s what he said on the matter:

We’ve gone through a lot of product iterations because we had to bring the product up to market spec. Quite honestly, the product when we launched it, it didn’t really feel like a 1.0, it felt like kind of an 0.8, but it was a window of opportunity and the market needed an entrant at the holiday season. So we launched it, and from our internal 0.8, we got to 1.0 pretty quickly, and we went through this iteration cycle. You’ve noticed, probably, that that’s slowed down a little bit. Our product cycle is now, basically twice a year, and it will probably end up being once a year when things start settling down, because a platform that’s moving — it’s hard for developers to keep up. I want developers to basically leverage the innovation. I don’t want developers to have to predict the innovation.

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Dell Streak arrving tomorrow (the 4th)


The Dell Streak is launching exclusively on O2, and will be available on 24- and 18-month smartphone tariffs, 12-month and 30-day Simplicity tariffs and a range of data-only tariffs.

The 16GB Dell Streak is available for free on a 24-month, £35 a month smartphone tariff, including 600 minutes, unlimited data and Wi-Fi and unlimited texts. At £25 a month over 24 months, the Dell Streak costs £149 with the same text, data and Wi-Fi allowances, but 100 minutes. The 32GB version is available for free on a £45 a month contract over two years including 1,200 minutes and unlimited data, Wi-Fi and texts. On the £25 a month tariff the device costs £249.

On 18-month contracts, the same pricing and packages apply, although the monthly tariff increases by £5 in each case.

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Better odds than the bookies at O2


Basically you order a sim card for o2, top up £15, register it (one per person), and then you can either get £5 for each goal England score, or if you don’t like England, £5 for each goal England concede. After the tournament is over o2 will send you a cheque!!! No Penalties though.

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O2 subsidiary officially launches with community of 6000 members

giffgaff Our super podcaster Andy is probably the sole reason for Giffgaff’s continuing sucess but have a read at this little article from Mobiletoday:

People-powered MVNO Giffgaff has officially launched after a six months test run in beta which saw its customer base grow to 3000.

The launch coincides with Giffgaff’s first advertising campaign which the MVNO says has already seen sim sales soar this week and prompted a record number of vistors to its website.

During its test phase in beta which began last November Giffgaff, which is modeled on Wikipedia, has built a 6000 strong community which plays a key role in shaping Giffgaff’s offerings.

The O2 subsidiary, which was inspired by Wikipedia, encourages customers to get involved in the giffgaff  community and rewarded for every contribution they make.This can include helping other members with queries, voicing opinions about how Giffgaff should be run or recommending Giffgaff to friends.

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Dell Streak on O2 from tomorrow!

dellstreak News just in from one of our readers suggests that the Dell Streak could may be on sale in the O2 stores from tomorrow morning (4th June). This now seems to have been confirmed on the O2 blog so quite why they have yet to send out full press releases is anyone’s guess.

This is much sooner than we thought we’d see this new wonder device from Dell as it was merely weeks ago that details of the tablet first surfaced. I’ll be in touch with our friends over at O2 in the morning to find out more about the Dell streak and to see when we’ll be able to get our hands on one to review. Looking forward to seeing this one in the flesh!


More details from O2 after the break…

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HP not to carry on making Palm smartphones


It looks like we may not see many new Palm phones in the future I am afraid.

HP’s CEO Mark Hurd spoke yesterday at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Technology conference and what he had to say was not encouraging.

Hurd reportedly said that HP isn’t going to ‘spend billions of dollars trying to get into the smartphone business; that doesn’t in any way make any sense.’

To add insult to smartphone injury, Hurd continued ‘We didn’t buy Palm to be in the smartphone business. And I tell people that, but it doesn’t seem to resonate well.’

So what many of us thought would happen is going to happen. It looks like HP bought Palm purely for the WEB OS and that is what they will roll out within millions of HP products. Having the WEB OS on handhelds is not a bad thing as it is a great OS. It’s just a real shame that it doesn’t look like the OS will be implemented into many smartphones, if any.

Is this foolish of HP? I think so. With the right hardware and right OS we all know that it can be an extremely profitable business. Just look how far HTC has come on over the past few years.

Although not massive Palm fans both Matt and myself have both owned Palm devices in the past and we will be sorry to see the company disappear from the smartphone market.

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xpPhone at Computex 2010

Yeah… so I remember seeing this … phone on paper about a year ago. JKK has managed to get his hands on the little devil to have a play with and it’s quite a beast. You’ll probably think this is a joke but there is a little company out there in China that believes in this enough. Check out the video.

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Double Twist adds Android app


Double Twist have updated that client to include a new Android only music player replacement app to handle your music, video, podcasts and pictures for the PC and Mac.

Initial set up of the PC-based application and syncing files with your Android device will take a while (30-60 minutes or so), so be sure to give yourself plenty of time for that process to work. Once you have synced this information with your phone, all the content you have chosen to sync will now be readily available on your Android device in a convenient all-in-one media powerhouse application.

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Some pics slip out of the iPhone 4G


The iPad looks like the iPhone. Oh wait, not anymore. If these pictures are legit and there is very little reason to believe they aren’t then the iPhone will have it’s first visible redesign since it’s inception.  Another pic after the break:

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Leaked picture of the BlackBerry Curve 9300


With the BlackBerry Pearl 3G set to arrive in the next week or so I just stumbled upon a nice article over at A secret spy has managed to get hold of some pictures of the next generation BlackBerry Curve, the 9300.

The main change I can see here is the chrome bezel around the outer edge. This is not present on the curve 8520 (and 8530 in the USA). The BlackBerry Curve 9300 is believed to retain the lower res 320×240 display which is a shame but it will come with Wi-Fi and 3G as standard and that is a big bonus.

The device is clearly in its early stages as the screen shots below shows it with 256MB of memory vs.. the 512MB newer devices are getting. Also this device is running version 5.0 which will hopefully be upgraded to BlackBerry 6 in time for an official announcement.

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