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HTC Legend Review

HTC Legend ReviewTo say we were excited to get the HTC Legend was an understatement! The Legend is the first of four devices officially announced by HTC at mobile world congress and we have been lucky to get our hands on it fairly swiftly. The HTC Desire, HD Mini and Smart are to follow shortly.

As expected with all new HTC devices the media has been buzzing like mad about the Legend and rightly so. As a follow on from the HTC Hero, the Legend, still sporting a chin, is going to be a hugely popular device and chances are that if you are reading this you will more than likely be interested in getting the Legend.

With its sleek unibody design with a brilliant AMOLED display and a brushed metallic finish, the Legend  is an attractive handset.

Lets have a look at it in a bit more detail and see if it’s a worthy follow on from the HTC Hero. Read on for the full review.


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HTC Legend video demo (The short one!)

Legend-trackpad Here we have another demo of the HTC Legend, this time a short one though! I thought I would show you just a couple of features on the device that I thought were pretty cool and new to HTC’s handsets and that we hadn’t covered in either of our earlier videos.

I was so eager to get the video recorded this morning that somehow I managed to make my tripod fall apart so I apologise for the wobbles here!

You can think of this video as a pre-teaser as the full review of the HTC Legend should be on the site later today so be sure to check back.

Please feel free to discuss with us using our forums or via twitter @tracyandmatt

Video after the break…


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T-Mobile announce HTC Desire prices

Desire-Brown_FrontLast week T-Mobile announced that they would have the HTC Desire available from the 26th March, somewhat sooner than many of us expected.

The HTC Desire is the flagship ‘Superphone’ from HTC and personally I think the pick of the bunch of new handsets announced by HTC at MWC.

Today we have news that T-Mobile have announced their tariffs for the HTC Desire, which start at £25/month for 24 months with a handset price of £129.99. This tariff does not include data though which you’ll no-doubt be consuming by the bucket load on this handset!

For an unlimited data tariff, prices start at £35/month, 24-months, and the handset will still cost you £49.99. Full details at Carphone Warehouse, where you can also put in a pre-order.

We hope to have our hands on the HTC Desire within the next few weeks, hopefully with a review just prior to launch to help you make up your minds!


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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast No 61

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In quite a slow news week we have managed to dig up a few stories to talk about. This week Matt and James have the HTC Legend and the Sony Ericsson Vivaz, we chats about issues with O2, Orange, Three, T-Mobile and much, much more!!

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IMDb app for iPhone released

Some companies, that are based on offering their service via website, still think that they can get away with just doing mobile version of their website, instead of releasing an app. This is stupid. All such companies need to release its own apps. If they have their own content, they’d be better off releasing their app without offering API, but if they have user-generated content they should offer API and rather ask developers to make apps.

Fortunately IMDb – the database of movies – is not stupid and they have released recently their own, official (!) app:

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Subscribe by Email

rss You may have noticed some changes to the site while you were all sleeping last night but not only have we got a new layout but we’ve added a new way for you to keep up with the site. Now you can subscribe to site updates via email. Up on the navigations bar  at the top you’ll see an email icon, if you click on that you’ll be asked for your email address and, once you’ve verified your address, email updates will be delivered to you. Don’t worry about being inundated with updates though as you’ll only receive one per day at the most with all the updates on it.

If email isn’t your thing then you can still subscribe to our RSS feed, follow us on Twitter or join our Facebook fan page.

As I’ve been hinting at for about a week or so we’re going to be starting a new competition next week so it’s definitely worth following us one way or another so that you know when the competition kicks off. Of course I still prefer you visit the site every day anyway! 🙂

Feel free to let me have your feedback about the new site layout via this forum thread.

By the way, anyone seeing a big black bar at the top of the site you should shift-refresh your browser a few times as you browser may have cached old site code…


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HTC Legend gets UK launch date!


Not long to go folks. The HTC legend will be available to buy here in the UK from March 23rd.

As I am sure you have seen, the Legend is all over the internet at the moment and for a good reason. Its a blooming great phone. I am lucky enough to currently have the Legend and our full review should be online within the the next couple of days. We could have done it sooner but here at we firmly believe in giving devices a thorough test and it would not have been a fair review if we just used it for a day and wrote about it. Good things come to those who wait!

The HTC Legend will retail from £376 on its release date and you can snap one up from all of our sponsors on the site.

If you have not checked out Matt’s Legend unboxing or demo video I would urge you to do so as the device really is quite stunning.


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Sony Ericsson Vivaz unboxing video

Vivaz_Front The Vivaz was one of five new handsets announced by Sony Ericsson at MWC last month and is the first of the five to make it to market. This is the one without the sliding QWERTY keyboard, it’s ‘bigger’ brother the Vivaz Pro is due to launch soon. Despite having a sliding QWERTY mechanism the Vivaz Pro is just 2mm thicker than the Vivaz.

The Vivaz is a good looking slim handset and despite its having a reasonably large 3.2″ glass touchscreen the handset weighs just 97 grams which is pretty remarkable, first time I held one of these I thought it was a dummy unit until I turned it on, it really is that light!

The other feature that the Vivaz boasts is that the 8.1 megapixel camera can be used to record 720P HD video at 24fps and is the thinnest camera phone to be able to record HD video.

So we managed to get our hands on the Vivaz over the weekend, busy times with the Legend too, and we’re starting our review this week. As is now customary, we have an unboxing video for you below. I’m keeping this one brief as we’ve had a few demo videos of the Vivaz in action that James recorded at MWC and had the nice people at Sony Ericsson do the demo’s for him. So I’m limiting this one to more of a classic unboxing, as I believe that we are the first to see the retail package, than delving in to the OS. We’ll save the full tour for after the review!


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Adobe Flash on HP Slate

So, with the iPad eventually hitting the market, sometime soon, other companies are knocking their pans in to get rivals out to do battle. HP’s new Slate will be boasting that most coveted feature, Flash. Oh and Air too. Check out the swish video after the break that gives just a little bit away. And you can read more on this Blog.

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Android review: Gesture Search


One of the new features to be unveiled by Google Labs is their Gesture Search application. Using Voice Search might not be ideal on a bus for fear of looking like a loony. Gesture is a quick and handy tool to achieves the same results.

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