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HTC Desire demo video

Desire-Brown_Front Back Left I’m in to my second full day of use with the HTC Desire and I have to say that I am really enjoying it. We just have a few more days to play with it before it has to go back off to HTC ready to go out to the next reviewer.

Yesterday I posted on Twitter and asked for your questions regarding the HTC Desire and lots have you have given me some work to do! I’ve decided to record another video of the HTC Desire in use where I can answer a few of those questions and also look at some of the apps in use as well as pointing out one or two of the problems that I’ve been having.

It’s another 20 minute video for you so sit back and enjoy!


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Memory Booster Demo Video

bbmb If you are like me and use your BlackBerry a hell of a lot you may notice on occasions it slowing down. This is caused by the devices internal memory being used up.

With a lot of applications installed on the device and with the BlackBerry not having a huge memory this can be a common problem.

I have been using an application called Memory Booster for about a month and as you will see in the video below its a rather good way of keeping the BlackBerry running as efficiently as possible.

There are several apps that do the same sort of job as Memory Booster so I’m not endorsing this one, it’s just that this is the one I like. Demo video after the jump.


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