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T-Orange. A New Network?


Orange and T-Mobile are considering building an entirely new UK network following their merger next month, it has been claimed.

T-Mobile has discussed the feasibility of building a network from scratch with Nokia Siemens Networks and Huawei in the UK.

Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom, parents of T-Mobile and Orange respectively, are considering purchasing new base stations to cover 900Mhz-26000Mhz bandwidths, enabling GSM, UMTS and LTE coverage.

New base station technology from infrastructure providers Nokia Siemens Networks and Huawei use significantly less power than existing sites, and are also much cheaper to build.

T-Mobile was unavailable for comment. Orange said the joint venture will require engagement with infrastructure companies anyway, apparently dismissing the idea of a full re-build.

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HTC Desire supply issues

Desire-Brown_Front Back Left

What’s going on with these HTC Desires. One minute we are being told they will be available on a certain day and five minutes later we are told they will not be. Frustrating or what?

Yesterday Clove Technology released the following statement:

We have heard this afternoon, 26 March, that the launch of the HTC Desire is likely to slip back to the 7th April.

This is of course not the news ANY of us wished to hear and we as a reseller are as frustrated as you the customer about this delay.

This will affect ALL UK unlocked stock of these devices, so no other reseller will receive their shipments any quicker. Please be aware some may simply not update their website as quickly about this issue, so do not let this confuse you.

We will be working with HTC and their UK distribution to keep you informed of progress on the situation and will of course be pushing to get the stock as soon as we can.

We are already receiving a huge number of emails to clarify the status on individual orders, which is putting a huge strain on our resources, so please do not unless essential email for updates. We will endeavour to give everyone updates as soon as we get them by emails such as this.

This is the reason I think it’s all gone belly up (unless I have got it wrong)!

It would appear that it wasn’t until Friday morning (26th) that the final ROM was confirmed by Google. The HTC Desire review units (of which we have one) were re-flashed and then despatched Friday afternoon to bloggers and reviewers.

This means that all the HTC Desires that are currently sitting in a warehouse somewhere in the UK waiting to be sent to distributors etc need re-flashing. These were due to be on sale on Monday 29th but its going to take a few days to get the new ROMs on all the units.

T-Mobile however have the HTC Desire for sale now as they have their own ROM on the device and this was authorised by Google clearly at an earlier date.

I just tried to buy a Desire from the T-Mobile website and I got as far as paying for it and there was no mention of any supply issues.

So if you want a HTC Desire over the next few days you only have two options. Option one is to get it on T-Mobile. Option two is to beat up Matt and nick his one!

If we do get any developments we will be sure to let you know.

Did you like the Unboxing video? If you would like to discuss the device with us please feel free to join us on the forum.


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Android Grows 1100% Year-Over-Year


Admob just put out another of their oh-so-interesting reports, this time around looking at year-over-year mobile internet traffic from three main categories: (1) feature phones, (2) smartphones, and (3) MIDs. Two things really struck me as amazing. First of all, MIDs enjoyed the largest (percentage) growth as a category, probably because of their limited use and emergence as a product category.

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HTC Desire unboxing video

desiregrab Well to be honest the title of the post may not be doing justice to the video, it’s a bit more than just an unboxing video!

I’ve been waiting patiently to get my hands on the HTC Desire since I saw it just before its launch at MWC last month. I previously had the Goolge Nexus One which I loved but the HTC Desire seemed to want to take Android to a whole new level with the customisation and Sense UI that HTC added on to it.

The HTC Desire is the second of the four handsets announced by HTC at MWC to actually go on sale. The Desire not far behind it’s smaller brother, the HTC Legend.

There is perhaps a lot of hype around the HTC Desire so I’m sure we are all hoping that it will live up to our expectations. I’m going to spend the next week using the HTC Desire as my main phone and I will be putting together the full review along the way.

For now have a look at my rather lengthy introduction to the HTC Desire in the video below. Hopefully I’ve covered enough in there to whet your appetite for more so please do make use of the forum to post your comments or questions and let me know what you would like me to cover in more detail.


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