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Nokia N8 phone to be announced next month?


It looks like we won’t have to wait long for the Nokia N8 (previously referred to as the Nokia N8-00) to become official as one of Engadget’s trusted sources has revealed that the Finnish company will make its announcement sometime in mid-April. There’s still no confirmation though if the leaked photos of a purported Nokia touchscreen phone that surfaced earlier this week are indeed that of the Nokia N8, but it certainly lines up nicely with this sequence of events. Needless to say, if this latest bit of news is true, then Eldar Murtazin’s prediction of a September release for the Nokia N8 and its new Symbian^3 platform might actually be pretty accurate as well.

[source Engadget]

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It’s HTC Desire time!


This is the one we have been waiting for!

The HTC Desire is now in our possession and over the coming days Matt will be posting the unboxing video and also putting together an in depth and extensive review of the device.

We must however point out a couple of things regarding the Desires out there at the moment, although we certainly do not wish to discredit anyone else’s reviews.

We have been informed by a reliable source that some HTC Desires have been out for review for several days now, but these devices did not come from the same source as ours. These early versions did not contain the final ROM that we have been waiting for and I am reliably informed that those devices will have essential features missing. They have also had problems with the OS crashing and serious battery issues which is clearly down to the fact that Google had not completed the ROMS when the devices were shipped.

The batch of HTC Desires that we have had ours from have been in the UK for over a week now but were unable to be released pending the flashing of the final ROM. Its been a frustrating week waiting for Google to authorise the ROM but now its done the fun can begin.

Stay tuned to over the weekend as we will be bringing you some demo videos as well as the usual stuff. Please do interact with us via the forum too!

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Samsung B3410 review

samsung-b3410 Here we have the Samsung B3410 or Delphi as it is otherwise known. This is a very different attempt at mobile phone technology from Samsung as they have chosen to join in with other manufacturers such as Nokia by integrating a full slide out QWERTY keyboard for ease of use; Samsung as a company have been manufacturing mobile phones for many years now and every year have impressed us more and more with their unique looks and little quirks that make Samsung mobiles so intriguing on the eye.

Does the all new approach by Samsung appeal to you? And will it live up to expectation? Let’s find out…


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