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Acer beTouch E101 Review

e101 Announced back in October last year the Acer beTouch E101 is one of those handsets which I’m not really sure where it sits compared to the competition. It’s clearly a smartphone as it’s running Windows Mobile 6.5 however it seems to be lacking a few features which you would come to expect with any smartphone these days.

I will be basing this review on the fact that the beTouch E101 is a budget handset so will not be comparing it to the high end Windows Phones out there at the moment. At only £176.25 the beTouch E101 certainly has an attractive price tag but the question is, do we think it is worth the money and will users gets frustrated at the lack of high end features?

Read on to find out!


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Mobile Tech Addicts Dropped Call Podcast

Web bannerThe Bloopers Reel

As a way of thanks to all those who bought it, this iPhone App exclusive is a behind the scenes insight into the Mobile Tech Addicts podcast. Gareth, Matt, Andy and James let loose with some nonsense from before and after recording and some bits and pieces that just couldn’t make it into the final podcast, for obvious reasons.

Silly, foul-mouthed, racy and fun, this really isn’t about phones. You can pick up the App here if you haven’t already.

Many thanks to The Stetz for the music

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Sony Ericsson Vivaz review

Vivaz_Front2The Sony Ericsson Vivaz is the first of five new Sony Ericsson devices that will be available here in the UK over the coming month or so. To follow we have the Vivaz Pro, X10, X10 Mini and X10 Pro.

Not being a huge fan of the Symbian OS, the Vivaz brings a new lease of life to it as Sony Ericsson have created there own overlay to sit on top of the traditional one. This was one of the reasons I chose to review the device. Although I’m not a massive follower of Symbian we at tracyandmatt believe in giving all handsets a fair and unbiased review and that’s what the Vivaz will get. The other reason I wanted to get my hands on it was the fact that it records video in HD as well as having a 8.1mp camera.

Will the camera be as good as I think it will and has the new overlay disguised the OS enough? Only one way to find out and that’s to read on.


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