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HTC Tattoo will NOT get Eclair update


It wasn’t long ago that I posted saying that the HTC Tattoo would be eligible for an Android update.

Well, I am sorry to say it’s not going to happen!

When we originally heard the news I presumed I must have emailed HTC to confirm what we had seen on other sites and I have just had a response and it said what I didn’t want to hear.

“Currently there are no plans to update the HTC Tattoo with éclair.”

So there you go. Whether we will see them change there minds in the future nobody knows. Fingers crossed.


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Internet Explorer 9 Previewed


It’s not only mobile stuff that Microsoft have been talking about at MIX 10.

Today saw Microsoft release an early “platform preview” version of Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) which I’m sure all of you will use at some point, baring in mind if you are reading this I’m pretty sure you have a computer, even if you are on your mobile right now.

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New Samsung Windows Phone 7 Series handset

Samsung 7

New devices are something that we all are interested to see when it comes to Windows Phone 7 Series.

We have seen so far a prototype, an LG Slider and now a new shiny Samsung slate. While doing a ‘7’ demo at MIX Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore produced the Samsung, which has not been seen before. Although the specs has not been announced just yet it will have to meet the minimum specs so will have at least a 256MB of RAM and 8GB of flash and those all important three keys. I would imagine we will hear more about this device over the coming days. It sure looks sweet though with its Super AMOLED screen and shiny chrome outer edge.

Microsoft also confirmed that the HTC HD2 would not be eligible for an upgrade to Windows Phone 7 Series. We already knew this from our two interviews with Microsoft, but once again they have said it is due to the HD2 not having those special three buttons. I feel for you guys that bought the HTC HD2 thinking it would be eligible but its not going to happen. It will be interesting to see exactly how the new ‘7’  devices compare spec wise. Maybe the HD2 isn’t up to the job?


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HTC HD3 – Real or Fake it looks beautiful

hd3 2

We have been sent a link to where they have alleged to have leaked pictures of the forthcoming HTC HD3.

As most of you know, here at tracyandmatt we tend not to believe this type of thing until we have heard it from one of our regular sources. I am not going to say this is the HD3 but the reason I have chosen to post this is what if HTCs forthcoming Windows Phone 7 Series device is just like this. It would be awesome.

Chances are this may well be a fake but I cant imagine this is too far from what we will see from HTC in the not too distant future. Check out the alleged specs:

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Windows phone 7 Series at MIX

7-series_2 If you are not aware then let me tell you that Microsoft launched there MIX event in the United States yesterday.

The event, lasting three days is pretty much an insight into Windows Phone 7 Series covering all the things that Microsoft could or would not tell us at Mobile World Congress.

As we are not at the event the amount that we can cover is very limited. We will bring you what news we can, however we will try and focus on any device news we can get our hands on. are at the event and produced a tonne of news on there site yesterday, so you may want to have a look there periodically throughout the next couple of days.

Whether you like the look of Windows Phone 7 Series or not its big news and personally I cant wait to get my hands on one of the new devices when its launched towards the end of the year.

Please feel free to use the forum to let us know your thoughts. We would love to discuss it with you.


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XDA-developers have Windows Phone 7 code, 8-months before release


While bloggers debate Microsoft’s Apple-like approach concerningWindows Phone 7 Series functionality such as third-party app multitasking and app distribution, members of the xda-developers forum website are already beginning to prepare themselves.

In many respects, Microsoft has chosen a closed approach to the Windows Phone 7 Series OS. For example, hardware will be restricted to just three chassis options, handsets can only have three buttons beneath their sizable capacitive touchscreen displays, and Microsoft will impose restrictions on both app distribution and background processes for third-party apps.

These restraints are very familiar of course, thanks to Apple and its iPhone development policies. But just as Apple’s lock down was quickly manhandled by the Dev Team and its infamous jailbreaking process, Microsoft’s imposed restrictions are bound for the same fate.

Thanks to a good friend of the site, we now know that just a short while ago, the first Windows Phone 7 Series code was leaked on the xda-developers forum. The build was pulled from an emulator image but rest assured, the talented team of hackers patrolling the forum are already blazing through it in preparation for the impending arival of a full ROM. The code is real, of course, and it’s more than enough to get cracking.

With more than eight months until Windows Phone 7 Series is set to begin shipping to the public, xda-developers forum members have plenty of time to dissect the OS and determine how best to tweak it to suit their needs — and the needs of power users. Discussions surrounding app distribution outside of the Windows Phone Marketplace and background process support for third-party apps are already in full swing.

So, potential Windows Phone 7 Series power users, read the heated debates through the tech news ecosystem all you like, but try not to get too worked up. Just like every other smartphone platform on the planet before it, Windows Phone 7 Series is on a short path to hacksville.

[Source BGR]

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LoKast for the iPhone


Here is an interesting article on a new app for the iPhone called Lokast. This is a fairly new innovation that I’m sure will attract many users and provide people with a new way to share their media. Have a read and hopefully there will be a review up soon enough.

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