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iPad is on sale via preorder

Finally you can preoder the most sophisticated mobile device on the planet: iPad.

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Blackberry 9700 Demo Video

BlackBerry-9700 The Blackberry Bold 9700 has been around for a few months now so I thought I would record a short video just to show you a few things that I think a BlackBerry is good for that are perhaps not quite so obvious as just email.

Everyone knows that the Blackberry is fantastic for email but maybe not everyone knows that you can do most things on a BlackBerry that you can do on the other platforms.

Sure, it’s never going to beat the iPhone for games but it’s not designed to. Its primarily a messaging device, but as you will see the 9700 not at all bad at the things that a lot of us use every day on our phones.

If you want to see more video features of the BlackBerry or have any questions you can let us know via the forum.

You may also want to check out my Blackberry Bold 9700 review that I wrote a few months ago.


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eXpansys Friday deals 12th March



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Software review: Double Twist


There is no shortage of syncing clients for your portable device however I thought I’d bring this one to your attention as it combines usability with a familiar interface.

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Vodafone spreading malware?


The Inquirer is reporting that Vodafone is selling phone with some nasty surprises onboard. Apparently an HTC Magic was loaded with the Conficker worm, a Mariposa bot client and a Lineage password divulger. The applications are not native to Android and will not affect the phone, however when you hook it up to your PC thats when the real problem starts.

A representative of Panda Security was first to discover the undesirables and was quick to act and recommends that anyone with an HTC phone scans their memory card with some up to date anti-virus software. Vodafone has yet to comment on the issue.


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Intel Postcards From The Future – iPhone app released

If you would like to inject some fun into your photos, this app can help. Interestingly this app is free via sponsorship by Intel corporation!

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