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HTC’s three newbies arrive with

clove_logo will be shipping HTC’s newly announces devices in the coming weeks. The HTC Legend is coming on the 23rd of March, Desire and HD Mini on the 7th of April.

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Amazon Kindle DX review

kindleDX About a month ago the nice people from Amazon kindly sent me a Kindle DX to review. The Kindle DX is the latest in the Kindle range of eBook readers which offers a larger and higher resolution display.

I have to admit that I am not a big reader, it’s not something that I have a lot of time for these days but one the that did appeal to me was the ability to display PDF documents so as I have to read a lot of reports this was one feature that I was keen to test.

The Kindle, like other eBook readers out there, utilises a display technology called E Ink. If you’ve never seen this with your own eyes before then it’s very hard to explain in any way that can do it justice. When anything is displayed on the screen it really does look like ink on paper. This means that reading the display for extended periods of time does not lead to the kind of eye strain of fatigues that you would expect from an LCD screen.

To find out what I actually thought of the Amazon Kindle DX in practice then please read on…


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Windows Phone 7 Series Demo

7 I just spotted a fantastic video demonstration of Windows Phone 7 Series on the web.

Internet Entrepreneur and all round Tech Geek Chris Pirillo has posted an fantastic 17 minute video of him getting a hands on demo from Microsoft.

Whether you have seen ‘7’ in action or not its well worth making a coffee, getting comfortable and settling down for what I think is the best video so far showing the new OS in action.

Enough of me talking. Enjoy


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