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Nokia E71 goes all the way up to 200.21.188

7-29-08-nokia_e71 One of my favourite phones of 2008 has received a major update just to make it that little bit more attractive. I didn’t really have too much trouble with the phone and I certainly haven’t heard of many people complaining that it’s buggy. However, Nokia have deemed it necessary to push out an update and packaged some interesting features. Click to read on.

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Steve Jobs taking medical leave


Steve Jobs is temporarily handing over control of Apple to Tim Cook, while he recovers from his hormone imbalance. Steve sent an email to apple employees stating that he underestimated the complexity of his health issues. He was quoted in the email saying “In order to take myself out of the limelight and focus on my health, and to  allow everyone at Apple to focus on delivering extraordinary products, I have decided to take a medical leave of absence until the end of June,”. I hope Steve takes the spring to convalesce, and returns in time to make a big iPhone announcement this summer.

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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast No 20

image Our latest podcast is now available to download, in episode 20 we discuss the new Palm Pre and Webos, the HTC 2009 device road map photos, some Windows Mobile software, Nokia 5800 Tube first impressions and the LG watch phone plus much more. You can subscribe via iTunes, RSS or download the mp3 file here. Full show notes after the break.

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Apple approves third party browsers in App Store

image MacRumors are reporting that over the past 24 hours, Apple has begun to approve 3rd party web browsing applications for the iPhone. A number of new web browsing apps have suddenly appeared with original submission dates ranging as far back as October. Web browsing applications were previously charged with “duplicating functionality” of other iPhone apps and was felt to be the reason why Opera would never be approved by Apple.

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Samsung adds facial recognition to compact cameras

Face detection technology has been around for a while on digital compact cameras. The technology can determine if there are faces in a particular scene and adjusts the focal point so that the face takes focus priority over the rest of the composition.

Samsung are taking this technology a little further though with their new ST10 which includes facial recognition where the can actually recognise the people you are taking photos of and, taking a crowd scene for example, will prioritise focus on those people you know rather than those that you don’t!

I’m a big fan of face recognition and have used the Riya service for a while as a way to index family photos. I hope that software provided with the ST10 will go as far as this. I hope to get the chance to check it out soon.


Samsung, is breaking new ground with the launch of the world’s first digital camera to feature face recognition and highly responsive Haptic Interface integrated into a 3.0” hVGA Touch Screen – giving physical feedback and feel for greater control over the camera’s functions.

The ST10 is packed with advanced technology and a host of cutting edge functions, including an in-built PMP (Personal Multimedia Player) with integrated MP3 player and Digital Image Stabilization, providing outstanding sharp images.

Face Recognition Technology

The 9 mega pixel ST10 takes Samsung’s Face Recognition technology to a new level – it’s the first camera that actually recognizes the people you’re taking photos of. Face Recognition prioritizes friends, family and those you photograph most; in smile shutter mode the camera only takes a photo when a recognized person smiles and, in blink shutter mode, photos are automatically retaken when a recognized person blinks. What’s more, the camera automatically classifies photos according to the most recognized faces, helping you instantly create a slide show of your closest friends and family.

Smart Scene Recognition

The ST10 also introduces Samsung’s new "Smart Scene Recognition" technology with 11 optimized picture pre-settings such as Portrait, Night portrait, Macro, and Macro Colour helping people take the perfect shot regardless of the conditions. You can also use these settings when sorting through your photos – making it quick and easy to find all the portrait, outdoor or macro images you’ve taken.

Angle/Composition Guide

The Angle/Composition Guide setting on the new ST10 means you no longer need rely on the technological capabilities of strangers for those perfect holiday snaps. When you use the setting, the camera takes a ghost picture of your desired shot and displays a template when you pass the camera over to someone else – ensuring they take the picture you want them to take with you in it.

Digital Contents Management

The ST10 features a new Digital Contents Management system (DCM); a contents management program within the camera itself that significantly reduces the time it takes to find a photo – meaning it’s quick and easy to store and manage your photo collection. The clever navigation program automatically organizes photos based on the date they were taken, their contents, colour or themes.

The ST10, priced at £179 (TBC), is available in various colours and will be available from leading high street and online retailers from February 2009. All Samsung Cameras include a two year warranty. Customers requiring further information should call 0845 726 7864 or visit


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Palm Pre vs. iPhone vs. G1 (and WM as well!)

iphone_pre_G1_2_2 Gizmodo have put together a fun comparison of the three operating systems that will rock 2009. As you will probably guess from the recent demonstration at CES Palm manages to clean the floor with the others. It’s exciting to read about all these excellent features and how all three compare. Time will tell as there is so much potential in all.
In addition Mobility Site have listed the features and added Microsoft’s Windows Mobile to the rumble. A nice addition. Blackberry and Symbian don’t get a look in…

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