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Palm Pre CES video now online and available for download

image Palm have posted the complete video of their press conference announcing the Palm Pre and Webos online in high quality so you can now watch it in all it’s glory in one piece and with great sound quality. If you don’t want to watch it in your browser you can download it also. The link to the web page is here and the direct download is here.

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Windows Mobile Demo video from CES

image Greg Sullivan, Product Manager at Windows Mobile, talks us through how resourceful phone manufacturers have been in making Windows Mobile more usable by the average person. the technological advance they have made, the features they have introduced and the connectivity they are utilising to bring this relatively old operating system a refresh. I feel like giving him a pat on the back because Windows Mobile was pretty awesome in its day but … Sony Ericsson, Samsung and HTC have really worked hard to make the OS accessible and rival the iPhone.

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Interview with Robbie Bach and Windows Mobile 7 road map

image Gizmodo managed to pin down Microsoft’s Robbie Bach to ask him about the future of Windows Mobile. As usual not very much is given away except that Windows Mobile will becoming more consumer orientated in the future. Another story that has just appeared is a Microsoft product road map that shows Windows Mobile 7 beta to be released this year with a full release in the future, strangely no mention of Windows Mobile 6.5 but maybe that is because it will not be a significant update, we shall see and hear more hopefully at MWC Barcelona in February. Video and road map after the break.

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Samsung to release SMX-F34 YouTube friendly camcorder

It’s actually a question that we get asked frequently about Camcorders here at tracyandmatt; "Does this camcorder work properly with YouTube?".

While the answer to that question is invariably ‘yes’, it normally depends on the software that you use to process video but Samsung aim to simplify the process and are releasing the SMX-F34 which has a YouTube optimised recording mode.


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Samsung, leaders in innovation and digital imaging, is pleased to announce the launch of the SMX-F34 digital camcorder – the successor to the company’s popular VP-MX20 compact edition – offering users substantial battery life of up to three hours, world-class Schneider optics, as well as added features and functionality, including built-in memory, digital still photo capability, and Samsung’s 42x Intelli-Zoom.

Image Processor

Featuring a high-performance 680K pixel CCD sensor, the SMX-F34 delivers a resolution of 720×480 and also incorporates Samsung’s new image processor which drastically enhances the overall digital imaging experience for the end user. Samsung’s new image processor yields higher-quality video, 3-D Noise Reduction, Face Detection for up to five subjects, a brighter 2.7 inch LCD display, as well as H.264 compression. It also reduces power consumption, which translates to longer battery life. On a single charge, consumers can record up to three hours of uninterrupted video – a beneficial feature for those who wish to shoot for extended periods of time.

Web & Mobile shooting mode

The SMX-F34 is also the ideal camcorder for the YouTube™ videographer who shares their content with friends and family by uploading video to the Web. Featuring a Web & Mobile shooting mode, users can set the SMX-F34 to record in the exact format and resolution required by YouTube™, resulting in faster upload times. By selecting the Web & Mobile mode, the camcorder’s resolution is automatically adjusted to 640×480 (H.264 / AAC / MP4) and optimized for use on Web sites. Furthermore, unlike other camcorders, users can easily import video from the SMX-F34 and play it on MP3 players and other portable multimedia players supporting H.264, without having to convert the files.

Still Photos

An additional feature that separates the SMX-F34 from its VP-MX20 sibling is its ability to capture digital still photos. A dedicated Photo mode allows consumers to use the SMX-F34 camcorder as a digital camera, snapping 800×600 resolution images. When coupled with the camcorder’s high-quality, Schneider lens, and improved Advanced Image Stabilization, users can rest assured that they’ll be able to capture life the way they see it, with stunning colour and clarity

On-board Memory

The SMX-F34 features a memory card slot for SD/SDHC and MMC+ and also offers 16GB of internal flash memory. Samsung is the first digital imaging company to apply H.264 compression to standard definition video, which considerably extends record times. Thanks to H.264 compression, users can record up to eight hours of standard definition video directly to the camcorder’s internal 16GB flash memory without having to rely on a memory card.

“With the SMX-F34, Samsung has given consumers of any skill level the ability to incorporate digital video into their everyday lives with style,” said Steve Mitchell, General Manager Marketing, Samsung Digital Imaging Division.

“This is a camcorder that anyone can pick up and use without feeling intimidated, and which offers a full suite of features that would typically demand a higher price tag. Without breaking the bank, Samsung gives consumers the ability to leverage high-performance optics and imaging technologies that will enhance their overall digital imaging experience and encourage them to explore digital video for all that it has to offer.”

The SMX-F34 will feature Samsung’s exclusive swivel hand-grip, which effortlessly adjusts for regular and low angle shooting. The SMX-F34 will be available from leading high street and online retailers from March 2009. Customers requiring further information should call 0845 726 7864 or visit

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