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HTC making first Android phone in 2008

teaser_androidThe Unwired reports that HTC have confirmed it will be releasing an Android phone before the end of the year. Perhaps this is because Windows Mobile 7 probably won’t be seen until late 2009 and they are sick of Windows Mobile 6.

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Tracy and Matt review HP iPAQ 914

914_angled_left_thumb_1 Tracy and Matt have reviewed one of the most anticipated Windows Mobile phones. This phone seems to tick all the boxes for a Windows Mobile without being big and clunky. Its exciting having HP produce good quality items like this. Aside from a few gripes about the screen the review is favourable and makes for a good read.

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HP iPAQ 914 review

This week I was asked to review the HP iPAQ 914 From Hewlett-Packard, the phone is HP’s latest offerings, trying to fit every possible function in to a device no bigger then the Blackberry Curve.

 The HP iPAQ 914

The HP iPAQ 914


The HP iPAQ 914 is packed with features such as quad band GSM, tri band 3G, a GPS receiver with external aerial connector, 7.2Mbit/sec HSDPA support, a good 3 mega pixel camera with flash and the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, version 6.1.

What’s in the box?

The box itself is a mind of information, as you open the lid, there you will find the Quick setup guide, and guide showing you what all the buttons do. There is also the setup disc which easily lets you set your device up, assigning speed dial, email accounts, preferences etc. Again very helpful, on starting up the device there are loads of hints and tips sections as well as the usual automated network, email set up procedures, it is recommended that the set up CD is used. The one thing that grabbed my attention is a sticker on the device itself that states ‘cracked screens due to improper handling are not covered under warranty. Do not compress, hit, bend or drop your HP iPAQ. Remove your HP iPAQ from pants pockets before sitting down. Always store your HP iPAQ in its protective case’. Alas, however, no free screen saver or protective case that I could find.

Included in the box is a USB type connector and charger, there is a plug socket with adaptors of different regions around the world. There are the usual manuals and also the important start up disc. Mini usb connecting headphones.

HP iPAQ 914 Specifications:

  • Windows Mobile 6.1 professional
  • 2.46-inch transmissive TFT 320 x 240 pixel touch panel display
  • Built-in Assisted GPS
  • Integrated Quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, Tri Band HSPDA
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g
  • Bluetooth V2.0
  • UMTS (3G)/HSDPA Connectivity
  • Marvell PXA270 Processor 416 MHz
  • 128MB SDRAM/ 256MB ROM
  • 3 Megapixel Camera (614c)
  • MicroSD Slot
  • 1940 mAh Lithium Polymer battery
  • 113 x 64 x 16 mm (4.45” x 2.52” x 0.63”)
  • v146g (5.15 oz)


Starting at the front you’ll notice that there’s no forward facing VGA camera that’s common on many other 3G devices at the moment. There’s a 2.46" QVGA touch screen display below which are the standard phone keys, soft keys and d-pad. Then there’s the obvious QWERTY keyboard.

 HP iPAQ 914 front view

HP iPAQ 914 front

On the left hand side you have the Volume up and down, Voice memo key, MicroSD card and USB port which is also used for charging the phone.

HP iPAQ 914 left view

HP iPAQ 914 left side

On the right hand side you have the Camera, OK button and scroll-wheel.

HP iPAQ 914 right view

HP iPAQ 914 right side

on the top of the phone you have the power button, Reset button and an external GPS connection.


HP iPAQ 914 top view

Lastly, the back is home to the 3 mega pixel camera, mobile light and self portrait mirror. There’s also a grille over a reasonably large loudspeaker and the cover over the battery compartment which takes up most of the back.


HP iPAQ 914 back view


I wouldn’t say the HP iPAQ 914 is either small or elegant, encased in plastic that both looks and feels a bit cheap, with the back and battery cover coated in a layer of easy grip tactile rubber. This is very much a business phone with an industrial user in mind. While the construction looks and feels poor, it is actually put together well, and would survive a great deal of rough-handling.

The HP iPAQ 914 weighs in at 146g, and has a full QWERTY keyboard, and the size (64 x 16 x 113mm) which is a tad bigger than RIM’s BlackBerry Curve, which is its closest competitor.

The screen has a QVGA 320 x 240 pixel touch display, this is common on Windows Mobile phones, The result is a rather clumsy user experience, and you will often find yourself frequently switching between the keypad controls and stylus or as I was, using my thumbs to navigate the on screen display, when accessing various functions on the go.

Once I got my head around the on-screen navigation, I turned to the keyboard. Like the Blackberry Curve, the HP iPAQ 914 has a full Qwerty keyboard. Numbers are arranged in numeric keypad format, slightly to the left of centre, making it comfortable to dial numbers with just a thumb (but only if you are right handed).

There is a volume control switch on the left hand side, and a thumb wheel and a second OK button on the right side, this mirrors the old BlackBerry units. This was ok but on the move I found my self using the touch screen with my thumb or on occasion, using the stylus.

The MicroSD card slot and the USB sync/charge socket are both hidden behind rubber covers. This is a good idea to keep dust out of the device (remember the dust problems on other devices?) but they are a bit fiddly to keep opening. The MicroSD card isn’t such an issue as you probably wont be changing that too often but the one over the USB socket you’ll probably want to use at least once per day and unless you have some fingernails you’ll find it hard to flick open.

914_microSD 914_usb

MicroSD card slot and USB Conector (Click to enlarge)

The keyboard is average. The keys, while well-sized are very close together, and the curved key tops did not help when I was on a tram or bus as my thumbs slipped off the keys and I found my self hitting the wrong key.On the Software side you get the basic Windows Mobile setup: Internet Explorer, email and text messaging client, basic Office document handling. HP has included the mobile version of Google Maps which got me lost several times in testing from A to B, thought I think this was a fault with the Google Maps application more than the on board GPS, as I tested this with Tom-Tom and Garmin and worked perfectly.

iPAQ 914 keyboard closeup

The iPAQ 914 keyboard

The onboard GPS picks up satellites and tells you where you are better and faster then the Nokia N95, as I tested this side by side on a flat surface out side on a few days and at different times, and the HP iPAQ 914 always picked up the satellites faster then the Nokia N95.

When I was accessing my Email and surfing the internet the web browser benefited hugely from the HP iPAQ 914’s HSDPA data support, as well as built-in WiFi. The phone supports up to 7.2Mbit/sec, and has more than enough processing power to cope. The HP iPAQ 914 also picked up my WiFi network both at home and at work quickly and I was easily able to download my email and surf the net this way.

As well as being one of the fastest mobile web devices out there, the iPAQ 914 can double as a HSDPA modem, either as a tethered USB modem or as a wireless Bluetooth one.




Battery life on the HP iPAQ 914 is fair, its better then the Nokia N95 which you have to charge every night if you’re a heavy user, I was able to get 3 days out of the phone on a single charge, using Wifi/Bluetooth and navigating with the onboard GPS. All in all the HP iPAQ 914 is one of the best phones I have reviewed this year, though I will be reviewing the Nokia E71 soon, so will keep you posted.


Review by: Phillip

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HTC making updates easier

logo Over at they have taken some time to make the process of upgrading easier. It’s quite nice and easy to use. The layout also provides little write ups about the updates. No, there are no video drivers, HTC is still just too stubborn to do this. There is a series of frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips.


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Motorola’s new smartie might be something special

windowslivewritermotorolasnewsmartphonegoodandugly-8122motorolaalexander-9af45ed9-8f0f-46bb-8600-2cac0204e91a Motorola’s new smartphone is something of an odd design but it might just be crazy enough to make it! I noticed it yesterday out of the corner of my eye and thought that it was just a new Chinese phone which I would probably not see again but its just a tiny smartphone that will likely appeal to those not fussed on hulking round something the size of an iPhone or Touch Pro. This seems to have some rather nice specs inside also.

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Another look at the Treo 800w

scaled.IMG_3702 The Treo 800w is easily one of the most anticipated phones and the more I read about it I realise it is the phone I want the most Crunchgear has posted a look at the Palm Treo 800w and whilst it isn’t exhaustive it covers all you will want to know quickly. Roll on 850w!

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Sony announces Cybershot T77 and T700

Sony today announced two new models for their Cyber-shot range, the DSC-T77 and DSC-T700. Both look like exceptionally slim and well-spec’ed cameras, the T77 being the worlds world’s slimmest camera with 4x optical zoom. I hope to have my hands on one for review shortly!


Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T77

Slim and Stylish: The DSC-T77

  • — Super-slim, beautiful design with choice of five fashion colours
  • — 10.1 effective megapixels
  • — Smile Shutter automatically captures smiling faces
  • — Beautiful portraits with Face Detection and Anti-blink technology
  • — Carl Zeiss 4x optical zoom lens
  • — Optical SteadyShot for crisper, clearer photos
  • — Stunning 3" touchscreen LCD
  • — Intelligent Scene Recognition with new Portrait mode

Photo Album in your pocket: The DSC-T700

  • — Slim, beautiful design with choice of five fashion colours
  • — 10.1 effective megapixels
  • — 4GB internal memory, stores up to 40,000 photos
  • — Powerful album functions to store, organise and share your photos
  • — Smile Shutter automatically captures smiling faces
  • — Beautiful portraits with Face Detection and Anti-blink technology
  • — Enjoy your images on the Extra-large 3.5" touchscreen LCD
  • — Easy web upload for sharing images on social networking sites

Two gorgeous new T-Series Cyber-shot™ cameras from Sony are bursting with amazing features to help you take great pictures. Slim, colourful and easy to carry, they’re the perfect partner for any occasion, from fun-filled nights out to holidays, parties and family moments.

Cyber-shot™ T77: World’s slimmest camera with 4x optical zoom

The breathtaking Cyber-shot™ T77 proves that less really is more when it comes to beautiful pictures. Just 15mm thin (13.9mm at thinnest point), the stunningly styled T77 won’t spoil the lines of a jacket or shirt pocket. It’s available in a range of five mouth watering colours including black, silver, pink, green and brown.

Sleek, chic looks are accentuated further by the big, beautiful 3-inch touchscreen LCD. All functions are controlled with a touch of the screen, cutting down on fiddly controls while giving you a widescreen view of your pictures.

Inside its super-svelte lines, the Cyber-shot™ T77 is crammed with smart Sony technology to help you shoot, share and enjoy better-looking pictures. There’s a crisp, clear Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens to ensure peerless image quality, with a powerful 4x optical zoom range for detail-packed close-ups. Additionally, the T77 is the thinnest Cyber-shot™ ever to feature a powerful 4x optical zoom range for detail-packed close-ups.

Now even easier to use, Smile Shutter lets you capture more happy moments. Just select Smile Shutter mode and aim the camera: the Cyber-shot™ T77 automatically fires the shutter when someone smiles. Face Detection has also been improved for even better results, allowing you to prioritise children or adults for natural portraits with spot-on skin tones, exposure and focus.

Brand new ‘Anti-blink’ technology cuts the risk of closed eyes spoiling portraits of friends and family. Portrait Mode shoots two images in quick succession, automatically throwing away pictures where the subject’s eyes are closed.

Intelligent Scene Recognition has been further refined. Now it will automatically adjust settings for great results over an even wider range of common shooting situations like portraits, landscapes and close-up macro pictures.

Complementing the powerful BIONZ processor, High Sensitivity (maximum ISO 3200) and Clear RAW Noise Reduction help to ensure beautifully natural results indoors or at dusk without the help of flash. There’s also a Dynamic Range Optimiser (DRO) that ensures a better balance between bright highlights and deep shadows. It’s great in tricky situations like taking portraits against the sun. After shooting, bring all your memories back to life as a slideshow with music soundtrack. If you want an even bigger picture, just connect the T77 to your HD television for spectacular results in your living room.

Also available, the genuine leather soft LCS-THP carry case protects your Cyber-shot™ from dust and scratches.

Key technical specifications

                     Cyber-shot™ T77           Cyber-shot™ T700

Effective megapixels   10.1 effective megapixels  10.1 effective megapixels

Image processor        BIONZ processor with       BIONZ processor with
                       Dynamic Range Optimiser    Dynamic Range Optimiser

Image sensor           Super HAD CCD              Super HAD CCD

Internal memory        15MB                       4GB stores up to
                                                  40,000 photos

Shooting modes         Intelligent Scene          Intelligent Scene
                       Recognition with new       Recognition with new
                       Portrait, Landscape and    Portrait, Landscape and
                       Macro modes                Macro modes

Lens                   Carl Zeiss 4x optical      Carl Zeiss 4x optical
                       zoom lens                  zoom lens

Display                3.0-inch Clear Photo       3.5-inch (921K dot)
                       Plus touchscreen LCD       Xtra Fine wide
                                                  touchscreen LCD

Image stabilisation
system                 Dual anti-blur with        Dual anti-blur with
                       Optical SteadyShot and     Optical SteadyShot and
                       High Sensitivity           High Sensitivity

                       (ISO 3200)                 (ISO 3200)

Smile Shutter          Smile Shutter with         Smile Shutter with
                       selectable Adult/          selectable Adult/
                       Child priority             Child priority

Face Detection         Face Detection with        Face Detection with
                       selectable Adult/          selectable Adult/
                       Child priority             Child priority

Additional features    Portrait mode with         Powerful album functions
                       Anti-blink technology      to store, organise and
                                                  share your photos

                       Easy image management      Album mode with automatic
                       with folder, date,         indexing
                       favourite and event views

                       Image search by            Easy image management
                       faces (People/Children/    with folder, date,
                       Infants/Smiles)            favourite and event

                       HD Slideshow with          Image search by
                       Photomusic                 faces (People/Children/

                       HD output with PhotoTV HD  Easy web upload for
                       (requires compatible       sharing images on social
                       television)                networking sites

                       Fun in-camera image        HD Slideshow with
                       retouching                 Photomusic

                                                  HD output with PhotoTV HD
                                                  (require compatible

                                                  Fun in-camera image

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HTC Diamond Rom Update 1.93 UK Version

image HTC have just released another Rom update for the HTC Diamond, this is version 1.93 and is available for all UK and European handsets. As usual with any HTC Rom update it is only available through the HTC E-Club and will appear under software updates for your device, or give it half an hour and you will be able to get it from xda-developers. The Rom claims to update the camera navigation, improved TouchFlo response,  updates to weather application and text alert speed, if you update let us know how it works out.

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Mobility Today iPhone Application in App Store

image My great friends over at Mobility Today have commissioned an iPhone software developer to create an application for them and it is now live and available for download in the App Store. The application is fantastic as it allows you to stream any of the Mobility Today podcasts over the air to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Hats off to Mobility Today for being the first site to create their own application for podcasts. You can find it in the Entertainment section of the App Store.

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HTC Update Diamond ROM (again!)

No this isn’t a mistake or a repeat-post but in fact HTC just released another ROM update for the HTC Touch Diamond. This time it’s version 1.93 and is available for the UK and other European countries.

As with other HTC ROM updates, in order to download the update you must have an HTC Touch Diamons and have registered it’s serial number through your e-club account. Once you have done this then the download will be available as a “Phone Software Update” in the “My Downloads” section of your account.

The download is just over 98MB in size and the update process takes around 20 minutes to perform. This is a full ROM update so EVERYTHING will be wiped from your Diamond (Internal Storage is Safe) during the upgrade so be sure to backup all of your important data before you begin the update process!

Updated in this ROM:

  • Camera navigation
  • Improved TouchFlo response
  • Updates to weather
  • text alert speed
  • I’m downloading this ROM update at the moment and I’ll let you know how I get on with it later.

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