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Touch Pro Benchmarked

touch-pro-out-thumb HTC Touch Pro has been benchmarked against a few of the other handsets in it range. The HTC Touch Diamond, the Toshiba Portégé G810, and the HTC P6500. See the results from Mobilelife via The Phone Report after the break.

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Mobile Tech Moment Podcast Episode 2

image Steve Trotto over at Steve has started a podcast that covers all things tech with specific emphasis on mobile phones and mobile technology. Steve has been writing for Mobility Today for nearly ten years now and also has his own blog which is a great resource. I was invited to join him for a chat this week about the iPhone 3G and the HTC Touch Pro, you can download the podcast here or subscribe in iTunes here. Be sure to check it out.

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HTC Touch Pro size comparison pictures

HTC Pro1Just received the HTC Touch Pro and whilst I am putting the device through some heavy testing I thought it might be interesting to post some comparison shots of the phone compared with a Nokia N95 8 Gig and the iPhone 3G as a lot has been written about the phone resembling a brick. Well I have to tell you with my first impressions it feels great in the hand and nothing like a brick, very similar in size to the N95. Pictures after the break.

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Twitter stopping SMS in the UK and Europe

image Well this is really bad news and now makes Twitter a much less attractive service for those of us outside of the US, Canada and India. Due to the high cost of SMS, Twitter SMS updates will only be available in the US, Canada and India. Well for me getting updates via SMS is the main feature of this application and it maybe time to look for alternatives. The full statement from Twitter is after the break.

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Tracy and Matt unbox the HTC Touch Pro

Touch_Pro_outTracy and Matt are the first to get the HTC Touch Pro and they have unboxed it. They have a video and a bunch of specs. Looking forward to their full review in a couple of days.

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HTC Touch Pro unboxed (exclusive!)

Ever since the HTC press conference announcing the HTC Touch Diamond three months ago people have been asking “Where’s the one with the Keyboard?” Well finally, thanks to Clove Technology we’ve been able to get our hands on an HTC Touch Pro review unit.

HTC Touch Pro

The phone arrived just a few hours ago so I decided to record the customary unboxing ceremony for you to have a look at:

HTC Touch Pro unboxed

My initial thoughts are that the Touch Pro is an extremely nice device, the screen seems to be more sensitive than the Touch Diamond and it looks like HTC have spent the extra time with the Pro refining a few things. The TouchFlo3D interface seems more fluid and that QWERTY keyboard it great. It’s a little bit bigger than I had anticipated and looks almost twice as thick as the Diamond plus the additional 50 grams may not sound like a lot but make it close to 50% heavier. Also, that TV-out feature that everyone has been talking about requires a special cable that you have to buy separately!

We’ll have a full review for you soon but expect some comments and photos over the next few days too!

EDIT: More photos can be found HERE.

EDIT (again): Our HTC Touch Pro review is now live!

HTC Touch Pro specification:

  • Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
  • Qualcomm MSM 7201A @ 528MHz
  • 512MB ROM / 256MB RAM
  • 2.8″ VGA screen
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR
  • eGPS
  • 3.1MP Camera with flash
  • Forward facing VGA camera
  • G-sensor (same as the Diamond)
  • FM Radio
  • TV-Out feature
  • microSD card slot (thank goodness!)
  • 1350mAh battery
  • 51x99x17mm
  • 165 grams
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    Pocketnow review of Celio Redfly Mobile Companion

    rf1 have reviewed the Celio Redfly with a series of well presented videos. They take time to raise a few of the problems with the device, however it’s all mostly positive. Watch and enjoy.

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    PhoneArena review of I-mate Ultimate 8150

    imate-ultim8150 Phone Arena has a review the of the I-mate Ultimate 8150. It is a good looking phone, but does it have what it takes to set it apart from the rest? We have the video after the break.

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    HTC Diamond Vodafone Rom update 1.93

    image Vodafone have just released a firmware upgrade for their version of the HTC Diamond. Hats off to Vodafone as it has always been a major gripe that the networks take forever to issue software upgrade for devices but this definitely seems to be improving. There is no mention of what has been changed in the firmware but we are guessing that it will be improvements in the device speed especially using the TouchFlo UI. Link and details after the break.

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    MWg Zinc II Review

    This is the new device from MWg the Zinc II, judging by the specifications this high end device is directly head to head with the like of the Tytn II, Touch pro etc. Can it cut it in this highly competitive market?


    Not the most well known of manufacturers, Mobile & Wireless Group (MWG) is a Singapore based start-up company founded by the team responsible for O2’s ground-breaking range of PDA-phones. Previous models being the likes of the Atom Life and V, and also the UBiQUiO range most of which we have covered previously. The MWg Zinc II is the successor to the O2 Xda Zinc launched by MWg.


    The MWg Zinc II

    What’s in the box?

    • Windows mobile 6.1 device
    • Mains charger with 4 detachable socket adaptors for worldwide use
    • USB to MiniUSB connector
    • Stereo Headset with MiniUSB connection
    • Start up CD and user manual

    MWg Zinc II Specification

    • Windows Mobile 6.1 professional.
    • UMTS Tri-band, GSM Quad-band, HSDPA 3.6 Mbps
    • Samsung 500MHz Processor
    • 1.9-megapixel CMOS camera
    • 2.8-inch 340×240-pixel LCD with 65K colours
    • ROM: 256MB Flash + 64MB SDRAM
    • SDIO, miniSD expansion slot
    • GPS: SiRF Star III
    • Bluetooth v2
    • WiFi 802.11b/802.11g
    • Sliding QWERTY keypad
    • 109.5 x 59 x 18 mm
    • 185 grams


    The MWg Zinc II is an attractive looking devices with a sliding QWERTY keyboard.

    MWg Zinc II angled left closed MWg Zinc II angled left open

    MWg Zinc – open and closed. (Click to enlarge)

    There is nothing on the top of the device.

    The right hand side houses the on/off power button and also the camera button. Just above this is the reset hole.

    MWg Zinc II right side

    MWg Zinc II right side

    The bottom has the miniUSB connector and mic. The miniUSB is also the connection port for the headphones so no ability to charge while you listen to your music etc. Also found is the stylus holder, which as Matt mentioned in the unboxing, is the smallest telescopic stylus we have seen.

    MWg Zinc II Bottom

    MWg Zinc II bottom

    On the left hand side there is, from top to bottom, + and – volume buttons, the MWg Zinc II quick start menu (more on this later), and finally an uncovered microSD card holder.

    MWg Zinc II left side

    MWg Zinc II left side

    The front of device there is the very bright and clear 2.8’’ 65k TFT QVGA touch screen, and underneath this is the minimal call and end keys also what looks like a dial but is in reality a 5 way up/down/left/right/enter navigation key.

    MWg Zinc II controls

    MWg Zinc II controls

    The back of the unit holds the 2.0 mega-pixel CMOS camera, self portrait mirror and the loudspeaker. No flash.

    MWg Zinc II back

    MWg Zinc II back

    There is also a slide out blue backlit keyboard, as pictured again more on this in a while.

    MWg Zinc II open

    MWg Zinc II Keyboard

    Inside the back cover, one handy adaptation on this device is a separate housing for the SIM card, meaning you can swap or remove cards without having to remove the battery etc.

    MWg Zinc II SIM card

    MWg Zinc II SIM slot



    • Snappy and quick processor
    • Camera use and quality
    • Loudness


    • Cluttered and overcomplicated Keyboard
    • Heavy unit


    I have to point out here that my review is hampered somewhat by what appears to be a faulty battery, having heard of 2-3 days standby from the 1530mAh battery, I found that after 6-8 hours from full charge my battery was completely dead, even left overnight with wifi, Bluetooth etc switched off, it would be dead by morning. So assuming the hefty battery was not at its best, it does mean a full day’s review wasn’t possible.

    First impressions of the device was that it is well made and solid in the hand, but boy is it heavy, weighing in at 185g, it is in the same league with the Tytn at 190g. In this day and age I am under the impression that things are getting smaller and lighter?

    The semi automatic spring loaded keyboard is also smooth and well made, I personally found that I used it very little, as for me it is overcomplicated and cluttered, not having had a keyboard before it is quite possible that I have found ways not to need to use one. I could not find any settings to allow extending the time on the back light and this meant that I was frustrated when it would switch off after a relatively short period especially at night, which again made it a little more unusable for me.

    MWg Zinc II keyboard close-up

    MWg Zinc II Keyboard close-up

    The keyboard itself is flat with flat keys that are multifunctional with the use of the Fn button, at the top of the pad there, unusually, is the soft keys, missing from the front of the device. Another aggravation with this keypad is trying to find anything, I would need to spend a lot more time to get use to the layout and shortcuts to really appreciate it fully. I found I could cope just as well with minimal use. That said, for those of you used to a keyboard I still think that this one is not the best, the keys are not raised or separated in any way, as mentioned in the unboxing video the only thing that differentiates them is the raised print on the flat panel, due to this I think you will find that the wrong press rate is quite high.

    MWg Zinc II open keyboard

    MWg Zinc II open

    The best bits for me on this phone are the Quick menu button on the left hand side of the device, which launches a TouchFLO like interface, which allows quick access to Media, Pictures, Camera and Games. A swipe across the screen launches an easily customisable phone book with dedicated tabs to separate your home, friends and work numbers, 12 name slots on each tab. Touch the names and another menu pops up with the options to call, SMS, MMS, EMAIL or open the contact in windows.


    Further swipes bring a 14 application shortcut page and then another page holding a settings page as above. I found that I used this a lot and it appears to save a lot of time in accessing what you need quickly.

    Another feature of the phone that surprise me was the volume, on more than one occasion it made me jump it was so loud and not set on the highest either. A notification will never be missed again!

    The Samsung 500 processor works very well in this unit, I experienced no lag or windows timers at all, the applications load quickly and it was really trouble free, I haven’t even had reset the phone either which is uncommon for me.

    The screen is bright and clear and nice to use, it is touch responsive and I have not had the double tapping problem to get a reaction that I have had with some recent devices.

    The camera was a pleasant surprise as well, being disappointed with the fact that it is only 2 megapixel, it also was good and better than a lot I have seen, there doesn’t seem to be that annoying lag while the camera thinks about taking the picture, it is pretty much instant on the click of the camera button.

    The GPS works well, no preinstalled navigation software, but Google maps worked great and loaded quickly and was simple to get around as the device once again proved snappy.

    I couldn’t resist loading Opera on the phone which made the internet experience a pleasure due to the download speeds and processors capability.


    Overall the device is solid and well made, I personally don’t like the keyboard although I am sure many will. The speed is impressive and I like using the device a lot. It is at the top end of the price bracket, in a fight with the likes of the TyTN II and the forthcoming Touch Pro, this device will lose but only because it is not well known, and many will not give it a second look. That is unfortunate as this PDA is well worth considering, not perfect but very capable and professional, and with some practice I sure I would even start to use the keyboard more.

    You certainly won’t lose it easily in your pocket at these dimensions and with this weight you will know exactly where it is. If you should lose it the just ring it, the volume will be heard for miles! With its connections speeds and capability it certainly is an all rounder, that is good to look at, pleasant to use and definitely a consideration for any knowledgeable PDA user.

    Now about this Touch pro is it here yet, Matt?


    Review by: Steve

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