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The Cellphone Junkie Reviews the Sidekick 2008

image Mickey Papillon The Cell Phone Junkie has just posted up a great review of the Sidekick 2008. This Quad Band GSM (850/900/1800/1900) phone has GPRS/EDGE for its always-on connectivity. The dimensions of the Sidekick measure 4.72” by 2.26” by .73” and it has a weight of 4.8 oz.  For comparison, the Treo 750 measures 4.37” by 2.28” by .87” and has a weight of 5.4oz. More details after the break.

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HTC Touch Pro vs Touch Diamond

Since I posted my HTC Touch Pro video yesterday I’ve had tons of requests of photos of the Pro next to the Diamond to that you can judge the difference in size. So, not to disappoint anyone here are a few shots of the two devices side-by-side.


HTC Touch Diamond and Touch Pro bottom view (click to enlarge)


HTC Touch Pro sitting on top of the Touch Diamond (click to enlarge)


The HTC Touch Pro and Touch Diamond (click to enlarge)

Having spent the last 24 hrs with the Touch Pro I have to say that it is by far the best phone I’ve had for years! Definitely better than my TyTN II and, for me anyway, better than the HTC Touch Diamond. I do still like the Diamond but with my heavy email use a QWERTY keyboard is a must!

As you can see from the shots above, the Touch Pro is almost twice as thick as the Diamond and about 50% heavier. However, despite being about 30 grams lighter than the HTC TyTN II it feels heavier in your hand, perhaps because it’s more compact.

Signal strength on the HTC Touch Pro is better than the Diamond. We live in the middle of nowhere with poor network coverage, the Diamond rarely picks up a signal but the Pro has a couple of bars.

We’ll have a full review for you soon but if there is anything you would like to know about the HTC Touch Pro in the meantime then please drop us a line!

EDIT: Our HTC Touch Pro review is now live!


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Orange connected laptop in Orange shops from tomorrow

image Orange today announced that the first laptop in its ‘connected’ range will be available from tomorrow, 16th August. Available from Orange shops, consumers will be able to purchase a package consisting of Orange’s ‘Internet Everywhere’ mobile broadband service and dongle and an Asus laptop for just £25 a month. The Asus laptop offers the ultimate portable experience with its 8.9" compact design and weighing just 0.99kg allowing consumers to walk out of store and connect to the Internet.

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Palm Treo 850 Pro Pictures

image WMExperts have managed to find some more great pictures of the Palm Treo 850 or Palm Treo Pro. This is looking like a sweet device for the front facing keyboard lovers out there. Shame it is only a 320 x 320 screen and carries a lousy 2 mega pixel camera, but hey we cannot have everything. Oh and where have I seen that glossy plastic curved back before?  Spec and pictures after the break.

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Palm Treo 850 or the Palm Treo Pro

image Pictures have surfaced today reported to have been leaked by a Palm training site of the much rumoured Palm 850 series GSM device. This is the GSM version of the CDMA only 800W but does seem to have had a bit of a makeover. I really like the black colour scheme of this phone, makes it look very professional. If these are real this must be launching pretty soon. Check out the pictures after the break.

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