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Blogging from the iPhone guide

apple-iphone-3g-review-blogging-tool Over at Problogger they have posted an excellent guide for the mobile blogger. The article is a very well written list of what to know in blogging, what to do and most importantly how to do. They have even taken the time to point out some of the shortcomings of the iPhone when it comes to the Blog.

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iPhone more powerful than the PSP and DS combined?

iphone-wolf-rpg In a rather bold statement game wizard John Carmack believes the iPhone to more powerful than the PSP and DS combined, even going as far to say its almost as strong as the PS2 and Xbox on their original release. Does the iPhone have earth shatter mobile power locked inside it? Maybe worth a look when they unlock this raw power to play … scroll through contacts*.

Thanks to Gizmodo

* I know its a bug… any opportunity for a cheap shot

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Orange are to improve 3G network coverage

logo In an exciting announcement Orange have confirmed that they will be increasing the coverage and reliability of their 3G network. Have a read at the following and if you are on Orange you will be cheering for the end of 2008.

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Solitaire meltdown!

Don’t you just love it when something strange happens on your PC or mobile? This one certainly falls under the weird category!

Sitting on the toilet bus this morning I decided to pass the time with a quick game of Solitaire on my HTC Touch Diamond. I started to play the game and realised that something odd was going on – have a look at the screen shot to see if you can spot the deliberate mistake?


Solitaire mess up (click to enlarge)

If you look again you might notice that there are two five of clubs, two 2 of spades, two ace of clubs and two ace of hearts!? Played the game through as far as I could as I wondered if there were two complete decks but turns out to be one and a half decks?!

The very next game was just the same! Anyone ever seen this before? I think my Diamond has forgotten what a deck should look like!

BTW. No I didn’t Photoshop the image, you can watch the video if you want!

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