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New version of Windows Live for Windows Mobile

image Microsoft has just released an updated version of Windows Live for Windows Mobile, from the Windows Mobile Team Blog site "The latest bits for Windows Live Client for your Windows Mobile are available for download. To get yours now, point your mobile browser to

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Aiptek AHD Z500 Plus HD Camcorder unboxed

Aiptek is a brand name that I only recently came across. They are probably a little better known in the USA than on this side of the pond.

The other day I got my hands on the Aiptek AHD Z500 Plus HD Camcorder to have a look at. The Z500 is a budget HD Camcoder that records up to 1080p on SD or SDHC memory cards.

The RRP of the Z500 is £250 which ir pretty amazing for and HD camcorder and so far I have been very pleasantly surprised by both the quality and specification. The HDV21X has a 5 megapixel sensor which can record up to 30 frames per second at 1080p or 720P at 60 frames. You’ll be able to record up to 8 hours of 1080p video on a 32GB SDHC card. As for still images, the Z500 shoots at 8 megapixels and even sports a macro mode for both video and still. Also on board is a 3x optical zoom, CIF mode for easy YouTube uploads and a 2.4-inch swivel-mount TFT LCD

Does this all sound too good to be true? Well you’ll have to come back in a week or so for Nick’s review of the Z500 and we’ll also include some sample footage to help you make up your own mind!

For now you can have a look at the unbox video below:

Aiptek AHD Z500 Plus unboxed
Aiptek AHD Z500 Plus HD Camcorder

Aiptek AHD Z500 Plus HD Camcorder

Aiptek AHD Z500 Plus Specification
● 1440 x 1080 H.264 Video @30fps
● 1280 x 720 H.264 Video @60fps
● Personal Media Player & Recorder
● Up to 8 Mega Pixel Digital Camera
● .MOV Video Format
● 3x Optical Zoom w/ Auto Focus
● 2-inch Macro Zoom
● Flash w/ Red Eye Reduction
● Night Shot
● LED Lights
● HDTV Component Output
● 2.4″ Swivel-Reversible LCD
● Easy Charging via AC or USB
● 32GB SDHC Card Slot Expansion
● Remote Control Included

EDIT: Our review of the Aiptek Z500 plus is now live.

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More Samsung phones in the pipelines

teaser_samsung What is the Samsung i908? Global Certification Forum have given it GSM compliancy. The Unwired have an article that guesses this is the North American variant of the Omnia. Hope this means everything is on target for the August release date. This certainly looks like one of the most exciting phones of the year.

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HTC Diamond v iPhone 3G browser speed comparison

image Just been tipped off about a video from They have done a great side by side comparison of the Opera Mobile 9.5 browser on the HTC Diamond and the Safari browser on the Apple iPhone 3G opening web pages and rendering speeds. Its a very interesting watch and shows the two browsers are very similar in speed. Of course what we do not know is what speed the HSDPA network is operating at as the HTC Diamond is capable of HSDPA speeds of up to 7.2mb/s against the iPhone’s 3.6mb/s. Full video after the break.

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Three offering mobile broadband for £7.50 per Month

image Three are offering mobile broadband with free USB modems and a 5 Gig allowance for £7.50 per month with an 18 month contract. This is an amazing deal and the links can be found after the break. We recently reviewed this mobile broadband and found it to work great in City Centres but not so good outside of these areas. Full details after the break.

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Update Dension Gateway and iPhone 3G

image We posted a while ago about the problems we were having with the Dension Gateway 100 iPod car adaptors not charging the new iPhone 3G, well thanks to one of our readers Gabe we have some answers on what caused the problem and what the solution is if you have a Dension Gateway 100. Details after the break.

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iPhone WordPress application available for download

image The application is now available in the app store and WordPress have just announced that it is available now. "WordPress for iPhone just launched on the App Store. Download it now and get to blogging. Video after the break showing it in action.

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