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Samsung i640 – Vodafone Release Date

Just a quick note on the Samsung i640/i620 release.

I phoned Vodafone earlier to get a release date for the i620, and they told me Vodafone would not be releasing it. However, the rep did tell me the i640 – which appears to be just a new look rather than new features – will be released this friday on the 30th November 2007.

I’ve also seen a draft manual for the i640, and that, along with the same customer service rep’s confirmation, maintains the i640 will NOT have wifi or GPS 🙁

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VITO RingtoneEditor updated to version 1.2

Our friends over at Vito Technology have just released a new update for their RingtoneEditor software. Here’s their press release:

VITO Technology releases a new version of VITO RingtoneEditor. VITO RingtoneEditor v1.2 allows you to choose more precisely the start and finish points of the ringtone. BlackJack and MotoQ users now can also enjoy making their own ringtones with RingtoneEditor.

VITO RingtoneEditor

VITO RingtoneEditor

In the new version of VITO RingtoneEditor creating ringtones is still as simple as listening to your favorite songs and selecting a part of it by setting the start and finish points. Only now it is much easier to set the exact start and finish positions for your ringtone.

After choosing the Start position for a ringtone RingtoneEditor starts replaying a short part of the song from this place and you can choose the exact moment for your ringtone to start. The same happens when you press Finish button.

The new version of VITO RingtoneEditor supports famous BlackJack and Moto Q including other devices with the same screen resolution. With VITO RingtoneEditor you can easily create as many ringtones as you wish from your favorite music. The slider showing the song progress has become more informative. When you start making ringtone the scroll box becomes highlighted. Now it is clearly seen what part of the song is chosen for the ringtone.

VITO RingtoneEditor is available for $ 9.95 at

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