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Windows Mobile upgrade news

Two snippets of news for Windows Mobile 6 fans.

Firstly, according to reports circulating on the net, the O2 UK Graphite is now being shipped with Windows Mobile 6 pre-installed. It even comes complete with a nice “WM6 Upgrade” sticker and logo on the box! As the ROM version is only marked as July 11th 2007, I’d say its a fairly new situation – which means old stocks of WM5 are probably still about as well.

It may be worth requesting a WM6 version when you order!

In the second of todays WM6 related news, the latest HTC device to get a free upgrade to WM6 is the HTC Herald (HTC P4350). Rather like the other devices to be upgraded, the ROM update must be downloaded from the HTC website, and a valid device IMEI is required to gain access.

More information can be found here ( or from the HTC eClub in the My Downloads section.

Either that or wait for it to leak!

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Orange to shift the HTC Shift?

About a week ago I mentioned a rumour that had been circulating about the possibility of some exclusive HTC devices coming to the Orange network. Since then a number of messages have arrived in my email box that seem to support the rumour.

Two anonymous tipsters, one of which claims to have some involvement with Orange, both suggested the same thing; Orange’s new ‘HTC Exclusive’ device package will be an HTC Shift based unit coupled with Microsoft Communicator and an OCS 2007 backend on a flat rate, unlimited data tariff.

While this seems to be nothing more than speculation at the moment, several different sources seem to be claiming the same thing. Personally I would be surprised to see Orange shift to the UMPC market, especially when they seem not to have shown any interest in the HTC Advantage. I don’t think that Orange would consider rolling out Microsoft Communicator and OCS 2007 to it’s customers and it really would be a big ask for their customer service team to be able to support it!

As for the unlimited data tariff, it would probably be capped at 100MB! 😛

Orange have not responded to my emails and have neither confirmed nor denied the rumour but, as always, if you know anything else then please drop us a line and we’ll share it with everyone else!

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