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Vakaadoo iPod cases

The other day I came across a company called Vakaadoo. A strange sounding name but they do some great looking products!


Vakaadoo sell cases for iPod and have just released a new range of products, called iVak, for the iPod Nano second gen. Where other cases try to add carrying pouches and side clips, the iVak bypasses all of these needless features and goes along with what Apple had in mind while designing the Nano: a skinny, sleek design.


The iVak comes in seven bright colours to match whatever colour Nano you happen to own (White, Black, Red, Silver, Pink, Blue and Green). The package comes with the case, a headphone wire holder, a lanyard and a clear click-wheel protector.

Vakaadoo is a young, creative company committed to the production of artfully engineered, high quality accessories for personal entertainment devices. We inject the Vakaadoo spirit into everything we produce.

Find out more at – we also hope to have an iVak to review shortly.

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HTC Advantage now with £15 off!

Following on from the post we made yesterday about the HTC Advantage being in stock at Clove Technology, I’m here again to give you the good news about the money off voucher that we have just set up with Clove.

HTC Advantage X7500

As with other Clove voucher offers, all you have to do is enter the voucher code below and £15 will be deducted from the purchase price at the checkout stage.

Voucher code: HTC15APR07

The offer is valid until the end of the month so hop on over to the HTC Advantage page on the Clove Technology website and bag a bargain!

At £575 (+ VAT) we are pretty sure that Clove are one of the cheapest suppliers of the HTC Advantage and our voucher will give you a further £15 off!

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VITO Technology releases VITO AstroNavigator II

VITO Technology releases VITO AstroNavigator II, the GPS application that displays the sky map above you according to your current position, time and direction of movement. It is high time to break away from all the high-tech around and watch the night sky!

VITO AstroNavigator

With new VITO AstroNavigator II you can literally reach out and touch the sky. Just slide with a finger to rotate the screen and see a star, a planet, or a constellation. Tap one of them to read a wealth of information about any celestial body.

Screen tapping is brought to a completely new level in the new VITO AstroNavigator II. You will feel that touching the sky can be real fun. Everything (including zooming) can be done just by sliding the screen. Just like you all have recently seen in the famous presentation of a new “iDevice”.

VITO AstroNavigator II is a program for fun and rest. Imagine yourself lying on the seaside enjoying the view of the cloudless night sky and learning everything you’ve ever wanted to know about these things above you. Another way to use VITO AstroNavigator II is to impress your girlfriend on the first date by naming the stars or constellations you see in the sky. Be closer to the Nature and to the Universe with VITO AstroNavigator II.

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HTC to pressure operators over WM6?

Although I guess by now this is old news, HTC have formally announced that a selection of their own branded devices WILL be eligible for a free Windows Mobile 6 upgrade.

“HTC is also offering WM6 upgrades for the most popular devices in its current range. This includes recently launched “messaging” products, which will enjoy the greatest benefits of Windows Mobile 6, such as the HTC Advantage, the HTC TyTN, the HTC S620, and the HTC P4350. The upgrade will also be available for the award-winning HTC P3300, plus some of our operator-branded devices.”

This is the first time any operator, or device manufacturer have bothered to even consider an upgrade – let alone a fee-free one.

There have, of course, been close calls – I’d bet there’s still a vast majority of C500’s knocking about running the MS test builds of WM5. Very little on the right side of the law though.

Putting aside the praise that should be heaped on HTC for the announcement alone, I believe the upgrades could cause problems for the network operators.

In the UK, I reckon Orange would have decided against an upgrade a long time ago. The problem with the Windows Mobile community is that the vast majority ARE techies, and most will be well aware that the HTC upgrade will work fine on all the operator branded handsets, and know full well how easy it is to flash it to their device.

Once again, the network operators have to weigh up the cost of providing the upgrade, against the cost of answering calls from customers with ‘bricked’ devices. This time, thanks to HTC, they may also have to consider the image their company portrays by refusing an upgrade, made freely available by the device manufacturer.

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HTC Advantage (X7500) in stock at Clove

The HTC Advantage x7500 is now in stock at Clove Technology.
HTC Advantage X7500

The HTC Advantage has to be one of the most talked about devices of 2007 and priced at £579 (£680.32 inc VAT) it may seem like a lot of money but you have to consider the fact that the HTC Advantage is a Windows Mobile device like no other!

The HTC Advantage is a Mobile PC Communicator. Unlike laptops or computers, you do not need to wait for the device to (cold) boot up, you don’t have to worry about the battery dying within 2 to 3 hours or it being too heavy to be carried around.

The HTC Advantage has a huge 8GB hard drive, 256MB of ROM and 128MB of RAM combined with Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0, so you can run your most demanding business applications and store all the documents and files you need.

With its always-on, high-speed global connectivity, the HTC Advantage ensure you can keep in contact worldwide. As well as your email being “pushed” to you instantly, you can wirelessly synchronise files when away from the office.

The Advantage’s integrated 3.0 mega-pixel camera takes high-quality images, so you need never miss a moment. The 5” touch screen provides the ideal canvas for viewing their details clearly. The second VGA camera gives you everything you need to make video calls. You have 3G, WiFi and stereo Bluetooth 2.0 to open up a world of communication options.

The HTC Advantage’s large VGA touch screen, means you can easily view and work on your documents – while the detachable QWERTY keyboard makes it simple for you to work with everyday office applications.

The Advantage has been optimised for outstanding performance, whether it is to deliver the best possible web browsing experience or to give you up to 8 hours of ‘working’ battery life.

The 8GB hard drive can store up to 5 hours of video, 2000 songs or 25,000 photos taken on the auto focus 3 mega-pixel camera.

The Advantage’s inbuilt GPS and TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 navigation software will help you find your way quickly and easily from door to door.

Check out the HTC Advantage page on the Clove Technology website for more info.


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Nokia N95 unboxed

Following on from our Samsung i600 videos that I posted over the weekend I have another unboxing video for you, this time the Nokia N95.

Obviously this is not an exhaustive look at the device but should give you some idea of what it’s like physically, how big it is and whats in the box etc. I’ve now passed the Nokia N95 over to ‘Nokia Nick‘ so you can look forward to some news and a podcast from Nick fairly soon.

If in the mean time you want to ask us anything about the N95 please feel free to do so! You can also see our original Nokia N95 post HERE.

Once again you can download a higher res version of the video HERE.

As always, I appreciate your feedback. Let me know what you think of the video concept, is this something we should continue with? You can get in touch via our contact form or leave a comment below. Thanks!

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Internet Sharing in Windows Mobile 6

In Windows Mobile 6, Microsoft have removed the Bluetooth DUN ‘service’ along with our trusty “Wireless Modem” app.

Although this raises some fairly major issues with wireless devices which don’t support the replacement Bluetooth service type (I’m looking at you TomTom!), the new features are well worth persevering with.

I’ll explain as best I can; in early WM5, on the device requiring internet access, we had to create a Dial Up Networking Bluetooth connection, and then explicitly define a connection, rather like using dial up internet in windows.

Internet sharing, and its Bluetooth network access service gets rid of most of that.

Internet Sharing

The Internet Sharing app has just 2 selection boxes. You choose the incoming port (Bluetooth or USB), and select the outgoing internet connection (your GPRS connection). Job done? Nearly…

Now we make sure Bluetooth is turned on, and go back to our internet-free device. Finding our internet-happy PDA/Smartphone is still as normal, but the list of services now lists “Network Access Point”. This is your new best friend. Once this connection is enabled and active, it doesn’t matter if your PDA loses its GPRS connection – as soon as it returns, so does your internet.

Think of it like your ADSL router at home. There’s no dial up connection to drop out, its always on, as long as there is signal. if the signal drops, wait until it returns, and continue, without having to reconnect!

And now here is Microsoft to make more sense of it:

In WM5 AKU3 we introduced a new application called “Internet Sharing”. The technology behind this is actually referred to as Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). But our usability folks decided to drop the word “Connection” since it didn’t fit nicely in the user interface.

omething we’ve shipped as a component in the Windows CE operating system for several releases. We have now brought this technology to Windows Mobile. ICS allows you to share a public network connection (cellular data) with a private network connection (Bluetooth PAN or USB). The phone is basically acting like a your home’s wireless router.

Modem Link

Before Internet Sharing, we shipped an application called Modem Link. This application enables some of the same functionality provided by ICS. Modem Link supported sharing the cellular data connection over USB, IrDA, or Bluetooth. For Bluetooth, the DUN profile was used.

Instead of sharing the Internet connection at the IP layer, as ICS does, Modem Link enables the PC to directly send commands to the cellular radio on the device.

All that remains now is for Bluetooth enabled device manufacturers to support this standard….

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Astraware’s Sensational Spring Sale

Here in the UK, trees are bursting with blossom, flowers are blooming, and small furry creatures are emerging from their Winter hibernation. As the season changes to Spring we’re all thinking about Spring cleaning, and that includes your PDA or smartphone. Astraware’s Sensational Spring Sale is the perfect excuse to fill up your handheld with some fun new games!

Astraware Spring Sale

The Astraware Sensational Spring Sale begins on Wednesday 18th April and for two weeks we’re offering more than 30 games with up to 60% off their regular prices. In addition to Astraware favourites like My Little Tank, Zap! 2000 and Astraware Sudoku, the Sensational Spring Sale also includes best-selling games from some of our top partners, including Smartbox Designs (WordPop!, Farkle), LDW (Fish Tycoon, Village Sim), Deluxeware (Blackjack Deluxe, Table Football) and Birdsoft (All In Texas Hold ‘Em Poker).

Whether you’re into puzzles, sports, action, casino, sim or word games, there’s something here for everyone! Head over to the Astraware website at and check out the offers now, but hurry the sale ends on 2nd May 2007.

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Dopod C730 details emerge

It’s been several months since we last heard anything about the HTC Cavalier and suddenly we discover that Dopod are set to launch their version of the device as the Dopod C730 sometime in May.

Dopod C730

The HTC Cavalier is the eagerly awaited successor to the HTC Excalibur. The devices are similar in appearance but the Cavalier brings 3G/HSDPA to the table. It had previously been said that the HTC Cavalier would be ‘Delayed indefinitely’ and other articles refer to is as ‘Scrapped’ however, now that it’s coming to Dopod, hopefully the HTC Cavalier will see a worldwide launch!

Dopod C730 Specification

  • 400MHz Samsung CPU
  • Quad-Band (GSM/GPRS/EDGE) with UMTS (2100/850/1900), HSDPA
  • Windows Mobile 6 Standard (Smartphone)
  • WiFi 802.11b/g
  • 128MB ROM, 64MB RAM
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • microSD card slot
  • 2.4 inch 320×240 screen
  • 2 mega-pixel camera
  • 62.5 x 112.5 x 13.7mm
  • 120 grams
  • 1050mAh battery
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    Astraware now accepts PayPal

    Astraware is pleased to announce a new way to buy games and applications from their online store due to customers’ requests for alternative payment methods. Many customers either didn’t have the particular types of card Astraware accepts or they didn’t have a credit card at all, and so requested that Astraware accept PayPal® as an alternative to cards. After a bit of nifty integration work from David Oakley, Astraware’s CTO, PayPal® is now live on the Astraware website.


    “We get almost as many requests for different ways of paying and changes to our site as we do for developing different games – the number of PayPal requests has been steadily increasing over the last year until it was our most frequent request,” said Howard Tomlinson, CEO of Astraware.

    “PayPal’s Express Checkout system was easy to integrate into our store’s checkout and also easy for our customers to use,” said David Oakley, CTO of Astraware. “For people who already use PayPal it significantly reduces the amount of information they need to provide to buy our games.”

    Customers who choose to pay with PayPal® instead of the usual checkout system will be redirected to the PayPal® site to put in their login details and confirm the transaction. Once completed the site will instantly redirect the customer back to the Astraware website to complete the transaction and the customer will receive their registration code on screen there and then so they can start playing the game immediately. Their code will also be emailed to them as usual so they can keep a record of their transaction. Customers who are familiar with using PayPal® should hopefully find this will be just like their experiences at other sites!

    The initial roll-out of this enhancement is for purchases of Astraware developed and published products, so the option to use PayPal® won’t be available at the checkout if customers have added one of the titles (from the Astraware Lifestyle catalog, for instance) that Astraware resells for other companies. All being well, Astraware hopes to extend this service across all products on its site in the near future.

    For more information on Astraware accepting PayPal®, please visit the Astraware website at

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