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Orange Unlimited Data – it’s nearly here!

According to The Times today, Orange are finally ready to introduce unlimited, uncapped 3G and GPRS data usage.

Although the £8 unlimited deal has been “around/not around/maybe around” for some time, there has never been any publicity or comment from orange about the tariff.

However, according to the same source, Orange feels that per-mb pricing is keeping customers away (No! really?). Although there’s no fixed date for the introduction of the new plans, the times have managed to get a fair bit of information out of orange.

So how do they shape up?

  Orange T-Mobile
Pay Monthly

£5 offpeak
£8 anytime

£7.50 anytime
Pay-as-you-go £2 a day £1 a day

OK, so its not a web-n-walk killer, but it is a step in the right direction, and for the people who prefer orange, but have been looking at moving, it may be worth holding off a while yet.

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Vakaadoo iPod case video review

You may have seen my earlier post about a new company called Vakaadoo that make cases for Apple iPod. Today I managed to get my hands on one of their new iVak cases for the iPod Nano 2nd Gen and thought I’d put together a quick video to show you just how good they are and how easy to fit!

For those of you not wanting to watch the video here are the main points: The iVak case comes in two parts that clip on the front and back of your iPod to completely enclose it. There is a clear window on the front that covers the screen and stops it from getting scratched. Also in the box there is a clear plastic cover for the click-wheel, a lanyard and a rubber Vakwrap that keeps your headphone cable tidy. The case is made from the same material that crash helmets are made of (not metal as a first thought) and are finished with a soft touch rubber-like paint.

The cases come in all the same colours as the iPod including white so can either match your iPod or to act as a contrast.

Vakaadoo also tell me that they are in the middle of updating their website and products but the new website will be up shortly where the new nano case will be available, as well as new special offers on the older models such as the 4g,5g iPod and the 1g Nano iPod.

If you would like to download a higher res version of the above video you can do so using THIS LINK.

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