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CamerAware Podcast interview

There are a lot of devices out there that use external bluetooth GPS or, as is becoming more common, have GPS built in.

We have been trying out CamerAware from MoDaCo for a while now and have been very impressed with it therefore I’m calling this the must-have application for GPS enabled devices.

CamerAware Screenshot

To better explain what CamerAware is all about we decided to go direct to the source and interview Paul O’Brien, the creator of CamerAware. In the Podcast, Paul tells you a little about MoDaCo and some of the features of his CamerAware product as well as giving you a little taster as to what to expect from the application in the future.

This is our first ever Podcast so please let us know what you think. If the concept proves to be popular then we have some other ideas for future podcasts. We welcome your feedback.

You can download the podcast directly using this link or you can add THIS LINK to your iTunes or other podcast software to download this and future podcasts!

You can find out more about CamerAware on the MoDaCo network.

Incredibly, CamerAware costs just £19.99 (£9.99 to MoDaCo Plus members) to purchase outright and registered users qualify for lifetime updates.

Special thanks go to our interviewer, Nick Reynolds, who is a professional interviewer and Podcaster and to Paul for allowing us to interview him!

CamerAware Podcast interview

If you enjoyed this podcast, or even if you didn’t, you might like to check out our Orange SPV M700 podcast.


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JAVOskin case now for HTC Excalibur devices

Looking for a case for your HTC S620, Orange SPV E600 or T-Mobile MDA Mail device? Look no further! JAVOedge have just added a new JAVOskin case to their range for HTC Excalibur based devices.

JAVOSkin excalibur

These JAVOskin cases are available in Frosted White, Solar Grey and Bronze. Costing just $23.95 (about £13) they are an ideal and inexpensive way to protect your valuable device investment.

Check out the product page HERE.

Product Description
EAD coating treatment enhanced! EAD (Enhanced Anti Dust) coating gives the
JAVOSkin case a softer surface to grab and significantly reduce dust which would
accumulate on the surface.

JAVOedge’s innovative JAVOSkin is designed to protect your device from scratch and impact damage while retaining the sleek look of your device. It features strategically placed cut-outs to allow maximum usability. With these cut-outs, using the case would feel as though the case wasn’t on the device at all! JAVOSkin is easy on your hands with it’s soft texture. Made out of specially blended silicon materials, it can stretch and flex to cushion your device from hard bumps and falls. With this low-profile case, you get the best of both worlds. It will remain fully usable, stylish and protected.

JAVOSkin is the smart way to protect your device!

Key Features

  • Treated with EAD coating making the JAVOSkin softer to grab and not as dust prone.
  • Low-profile, adding no more than 1 millimeter (0.04″) to your devices’ size.
  • Flexible, stretches to contour your device.
  • Strategically placed cut-outs to allow full functionality of your device while in the JAVOSkin.
  • Soft, anti-slip texture allows great grip of your device.
  • Made out of a special blend of silicon material for durability which protects against bumps and scratches.
  • 100% washable and tear-reluctant; never losing the original quality of your JAVOSkin.
  • Equipped with a subtle strap hole for use with a lanyard (included).
  • Easy to use detachable belt clip (use is optional).
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