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The Nick Reynolds show!

Regular blog readers will remember us talking about our good friend Nick. Nick recently started up his own internet radio show cleverly named ‘The Nick Reynolds Show’

Nick Reynolds

Nick presents his show weekly and plays music from less well known artists. I started listening to the show last week and it’s pretty good, even if he is a mate!

Check out the podcast HERE.


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Orange SPV M700 GPS

Edit: Our Orange SPV M700 review is now online!

A lot of you have been asking us about the GPS on the Orange SPV M700 so I thought I would just clear this up.

Orange SPV M700

I can confirm that the Orange SPV M700 definitely 100% has a built in GPS unit. I already have an SPV M700 which we are in the process of reviewing and I have been using the GPS.

It’s probably worth pointing out too that other HTC Trinity based devices (HTC P3600 / Dopod D810 / Dopod CHT 9100 etc.) also have the built in GPS but some of them have the unit disabled in the ROM. We have mentioned before that it is possible to replace the ROM on any Trinity device with a differnt ROM that will enable the GPS, a number of people have already done this successfully.

I’ve been asked this a lot of times already but NO you cannot load the Trinity ROM on to another device (ie. the Orange M3100) in order to “enable its dormant GPS” because the HTC Hermes does NOT have any GPS hardware built in!


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