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VITO Technology Launches VoiceReminder

VITO Technology releases new product for Pocket PC & Smartphones – VITO VoiceReminder. VITO VoiceReminder is a talking alarm-clock and a voice reminder in one that keeps you on track telling you the exact time and playing your voice reminders exactly at scheduled time.

VITO VoiceReminder

VITO VoiceReminder uses voice messages recorded by you to remind you about all the important events in your life: from business meetings to kids’ school festivities. Creating new reminders takes a couple of seconds and you may be sure that VITO VoiceReminder will notify you when the time comes.

In VITO VoiceReminder you can schedule as many voice reminders as you need to notify you: daily, weekly, monthly or just once. There are different convenient views for all your reminders by day, week and month. This way you can overlook, say, all reminders for the following week. Reminders are easily managed: you can edit, copy and delete them.

VITO VoiceReminder can also be used as a full screen talking clock. It can announce current time precisely or roughly, in round numbers. Keep your device in the pocket and listen to the time! You can choose how you want VITO VoiceReminder to notify you: by playing specific music files (wav, mp3, ogg), announcing current time or both. After this you will hear your voice memo. One more important thing is that reminders volume does not depend on system volume – you will never miss a single reminder.

VITO VoiceReminder is available at for $19.95. Try it for free for 2 weeks.


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i-Mate JAQ3 Reviewed

Jack Cook of MobilitySite has just posted a decent review of the i-mate JAQ3.

iMate JAQ3

“My first impression is that the JAQ3 is a device made for the mobile road warrior that wants the ability to perform all of those daily tasks quickly and easily like you can on a Smartphone but yet have that extra ability to perform more in depth functions provided by the typical device that has the Pocket PC OS incorporated in it. The JAQ3 uniquely incorporates a QWERTY keyboard, a landscape touch-screen and 4-way navigation/action button as well as a JOG Dial and an OK key on the left side to make one handed access easy.”

Read the full review on MobilitySite.

Remember, you can still order the I-Mate JAQ3 from Clove Technology and save £20 off the normal price with the voucher code located HERE.


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Trend Micro Finds More Windows Mobile Flaws

Trend Micro reports vulnerabilities in Windows Mobile OS. According to the company’s blog site:

Trend Micro has again discovered flaws related to Windows Mobile. Both of the newly found vulnerabilities are flaws in applications that ship by default with Microsoft’s mobile device OS.

One of the said applications is Pictures and Videos, which causes a mobile device to hang for 10-15 minutes when it tries to process a malformed JPEG file. The other flaw is found in Windows Mobile’s Internet Explorer(IE), which when exploited terminates IE and causes the affected mobile device to be unstable.

Both vulnerabilities affect devices running Windows Mobile 5.0 and Windows Mobile 2003/2003SE for Smartphones and PocketPC. As of this writing, Microsoft has already been informed of these flaws but no patches are available as of yet.


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