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VITO Soundexplorer v 1.8 released

VITO Technology is glad to announce a new version of VITO SoundExplorer – the best-selling audio player and recorder that lets you explore the music world on your Pocket PC to the full! VITO SoundExplorer v 1.8 features a new skin for portrait mode, some additional playback and recording features as well as joystick support.

VITO Soundexplorer

Long-awaited new skin for portrait mode has been created to match the old bubble skin that was supported only in landscape mode: now there’re two full skins for portrait and landscape modes. In addition now you can also choose between two Today plug-ins.

New playback options include shuffle and the ability to play bookmarked parts of files. So, now you can bookmark important parts of a music file and listen to the selection separately (also repeatedly if you wish). As for recording part of the applet you can choose to include time and date of recording in filenames. Creating playlists has also been very simplified: new playlist automatically includes all selected files.

New version of SoundExplorer supports joystick: no need to pull out your joystick every time you want to choose another song, rewind or fast forward, change volume. Volume is always saved now after you close the program. Among some minor fixed bugs there is correct displaying of VAS and Input level while recording.

VITO Technology ltd. is known for its high-tech products in the field of Pocket PC and Symbian software, GPS navigation and custom projects. Introduced in the present article VITO SoundExplorer is an audio player and audio recorder for Pocket PC that offers the most comprehensive and modern set of tools for professional and hobby use.

Program page:


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Eten Glofiish M700

PDA247 have found some photos and information about the new E-TEN Glofiish M700.

Eten Glofiish M700

“Another Windows Mobile device by Eten has shown up, this time challenging the HTC Tytn in form factor and design. The Etem M700 features a Samsung 400 MHz Cpu, 128 MB ROM/64 MB Ram, Quadband GSM GPRS/Edge, Bluetooth 2.0 Wifi B/G, 2 Mp camera, Micro SD. It unfortuanately lacks 3G connectivity, which still marks it out as an older generation device, but hopefully the attractive design will make up for some of the ground lost.”

Now this looks like an amazing device!

Take a look at PDA247.


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i-mate PDA L surfaces

Our friends over at MSMobileNews have just found some information about the new i-mate PDA L device. This is basically a mid-level PocketPC Phone Edition device with fairly slow CPU and said to be thinner and lighter than the i-mate Jam. It’s just one of the growing range of non-HTC devices to be distributed by i-mate.

i-mate PDA L

i-mate PDA L Specification

  • Device Name: i-mate PDA L
  • Operating System: Windows Mobile 5.0 Phone Edition
  • Processor: TI OMAP 800
  • Processor Speed: 200 MHZ
  • Memory: 64MB RAM, 128 MB ROM
  • Camera: 2.0 Mega Pixels
  • Display: 2.4″ Diagonal TFT
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, WI-FI
  • Network: GSM/GPRS/EDGE
  • Battery: 1100 mAh, 4 hours talk time
  • More info over at MSMobileNews.


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    E-TEN Glofiish X500 review

    One of the first reviews of the E-TEN Glofiish X500 GPS PPC Phone has appeared on PPC Singapore.

    Note: it’s Glofiish not Glofish – this fish has two i’s!

    The E-TEN Glofiish X500 Pocket Phone has built-in GPS. The device also features a slim and light design (just 15.5mm thick), sensitive GPS receiver and FM radio, but lacks 3G connectivity. However it does have AKU3.2.

    E-TEN Glofish

    E-TEN Glofiish X500 Specification

  • Operating System Windows Mobile™ 5.0 software for Pocket PCs (AKU 3.2)
  • Processor Samsung SC3 2442 400 MHz Processor
  • Memory 128 MB Flash ROM, 64 MB SDRAM
  • Display 2.8″, 240 x 320, 65,536 colors, TFT-LCD
  • Dimensions(LxWxH) 113 x 59.5 x 15.5 mm
  • Weight 146g (with battery)
  • GSM/EDGE Quad-band: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • GPRS/EGPRS Class B, Multi-slot Class 10
  • Bluetooth® v2.0 class 2 + EDR
  • WiFi IEEE802.11b/g Certificated
  • GPS Embedded SiRF Star III chipset, TMC function supported,
    SiRF Instant Fix ( Ephemeris Extension )
  • Mega pixels CMOS camera, up to 1600 x 1200 resolution
  • Micro SD card slot
  • Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery with 1,530 mAh capacity
  • Talk time: 5~7 hours
  • Standby: 150~200 hours
  • Pocket PC usage: 10~15 hours
  • GPS usage: 5~7 hours
  • The reviewer seems to be impressed with the device, especially with its speed. However, he notes the lack of dedicated Start and OK buttons, which impedes one-handed usability.

    Take a look at the full review on PPC Singapore.


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    Capture and Print an entire website

    The other day, while I was looking for some screen capture software for PocketPC, I came across a product that can capture and print an entire web page. This is something that has bugged me for years and I wondered why no one had come up with a way to print a webpage exactly as you see it on the screen.

    WebCollect installs as a toolbar within Internet Explorer and offers a number of capture/print options.

    In their word: “WebCollect allows you to capture various pieces of a web page – from a custom selection to the entire page”.

    WebCollect Toolbar

    WebCollect will also grab an entire site including the areas that you would normally have to scroll to see. Other options include capturing a the current screen, a rectangle selection and magnifying certain areas of the page.

    Once you press the capture button the page is opened up in the WebCollect window where you can choose to either print the page or save it as an image file.

    This tool is extremely useful if you work with the internet a lot!

    It seems to be free of spyware and adware and is worth having a go. The only draw back I can see is that it only works with Internet Explorer Versions 5 and 6.


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    VITO AudioNotes special offer!

    Buy VITO AudioNotes NOW and get VITO AudioPlayer for FREE!

    Benefit by using these great apps together on your pocket PC or Smartphone

    Vito Audio Notes v1.2

    VITO Technology has recently updated VITO AudioNotes – MP3 and WAV recorder for Pocket PC and Smartphone. AudioNotes is the easiest way to keep all important information: you can record everything you want including phone conversation* virtually with one button press. Among the best of the program features:

  • Microphone Auto Gain
  • Voice Activation System
  • optimal recording presets
  • sending voice notes via email or mms
  • recording to main memory or storage card
  • many more…
  • Use VITO AudioPlayer to listen to your records on Pocket PC or Smartphone. It offers all essential features for listening to your favorite music. AudioPlayer is also good for listening to audio books.

    You can benefit by using these great applications together on your Smartphone or Pocket PC. With VITO AudioNotes you can create quality recordings right on the go and listen them with VITO AudioPlayer. Buying VITO AudioNotes now you save $9.95 and get the quality player for your Smartphone or Pocket PC – FINALIST of the Best Software Awards 2006!

    VITO AudioNotes is available now at

    Offer available till the 1st of December, 2006.


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    HTC Hermes SIM unlock FREE!

    A while ago I told you about the SIM Unlocking service from IMEI-Check. Now it would appear that the unclock service is being provided free on this site:

    It can be used in all HTC Hermes devices, this includes the following: HTC TyTN / O2 XDA trion / T-Mobile MDA Vario II / Vodafone 1605 VPA Compact III / Orange SPV M3100 / Dopod CHT 9000 / Dopod 838 Pro / hTc Z / Qtek 9600 / iMate JasJam / Cingular 8525 / Swissom XPA v1605 / SoftBank X01HT / UTStarcom 6800 / Vodafone PDA 1605

    I haven’t tried it out yet, it’s worth a try but as with all these things it’s at your own risk!

    Thanks to our friend Matt for the heads up!


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    Brando Hermes dock competition – we have a winner!

    Thanks to everyone that took part in the competition, we had tons of entries.

    I am very pleased to announce that we have a winner, Michael Green. Congratulations to you Michael.

    Brando TyTN Sync Cradle

    Another competition coming up soon!


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    VITO ScreenCapture Review

    Lately Tracy and I have been reviewing more PocketPC and Smartphone software and we needed a way to capture screen shots to illustrate our reviews.

    In the past we used the screen capture tool that’s part of Microsoft’s power toys, however, this tool doesn’t work with WM5 devices. We needed to find something else.

    I had a good look around the web and asked other people what they like to use to capture screen shots from their PocketPC. There are quite a few products out there that can do the job but many of them are rather expensive.

    VITO ScreenCapture

    I started having a look though the products available from our ClickApps Store when I came across VITO ScreenCapture.

    VITO is a name that I knew and I had seen their products before but I had no idea that they did a Screen Capture application. So I decided to give it a shot and download the trial.

    Installation could not be easier, you simply run the Executable on your desktop PC and it’s all done for you. There isn’t anything to install on your PocketPC or Smartphone, it’s all done from the desktop. Just connect your device via active sync and start the ScreenCapture application.

    ScreenCapture Window

    You are presented with a very simple window which gives you three buttons. ‘Capture Screen’, ‘Copy to Clipboard’ and ‘Save to File’. It’s dead easy to use. You press the capture button, you see a screenshot from your mobile device and then you can either save the screen as a file or copy to clipboard. That’s all there is to it!

    Having played around with this for quite a while I haven’t found anything that it wont capture. It works equally well on PocketPC or Smartphone. What’s more the tool costs less than £5!

    Description :
    VITO ScreenCapture is a small utility to make screenshots of your Pocket PC or Smartphone from a desktop PC. With VITO Screen Capture it’s a matter of two clicks. VITO Screen Capture automatically detects your Pocket PC or Smartphone when you connect it to your desktop PC and start ActiveSync. Now you can capture the screen image on your Pocket PC. It is immediately displayed on the desktop PC, you can save it as a bitmap image file or copy it to the clipboard.


  • Pocket PC Windows Mobile 5.0
  • Pocket PC VGA resolution (fullscreen 640×480)
  • Pocket PC Square VGA resolution (480×480)
  • Pocket PC Square QVGA resolution (240×240)
  • Pocket PC QVGA resolution (320×240)
  • Pocket PC 3D Accelerator (Axim x50v/x51v)
  • Smartphone Windows Mobile 5.0
  • Smartphone Standard resolution (176×220)
  • Smartphone Smartphone 2003 SE
  • Smartphone Smartphone 2003
  • Smartphone QVGA resolution (windowed at 176×220)
  • Smartphone QVGA resolution (fullscreen 240×320)
  • For under a fiver it’s well worth the money, everyone should have this app in their arsenal! Go and buy a copy now!


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    HTC P3300 Review

    Paul at MoDaCo has been a busy boy this week and has just released his review of the HTC P3300.

    HTC P3300 Front

    HTC P3300 Specification:

  • Windows Mobile 5 for Pocket PC AKU 3
  • Quad Band GPRS / EDGE
  • FM Radio
  • TI OMAP 850 @ 200MHz
  • 128MB ROM
  • 64MB RAM
  • 2.8″ QVGA 65K colour screen
  • microSD expansion underneath battery
  • 2.0MP camera
  • miniUSB connector for sync / charge / headphones
  • 1200mAh battery
  • up to 3.5 – 5 hrs talktime
  • up to 150-200 hour standby
  • 58mm x 108mm x 16.3mm
  • 127g
  • This is one of the first HTC Artemis reviews that we have seen. It would appear that Paul isn’t a fan of the device.

    “Your experience with the P3300 will almost certainly hinge on how you feel about the RollR. I would find it very hard to recommend the purchase of a P3300 without trying it first, particularly for those who are already Pocket PC power users, who may find it just holds them up too much.”

    I would have to agree with Paul’s comments. Tracy and I tried the HTC P3300 out for a while last week and although we initially liked playing with the RollR it soon bacame more annoying than useful!


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