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Orange SPV M3100 stability issues?

I’ve had my Orange M3100 for about ten days now. Since I published the SPV M3100 review I have been using the M3100 as my primary phone.


On the whole, I really like the Orange M3100. The processor is pretty fast and the 3G internet connection works really well, even better since I changed the DNS settings courtesy of Paul’s DNS Tips. This device is also MUCH better than my old HTC Wizard phone when it comes to the touchscreen. I’ve not had any of the alignment issues that have been reported with other HTC Hermes Variants.

The problem I’m having with the M3100 is that it seems to be a little unstable. Over the past few days its has crashed completely forcing me to poke the stylus up it’s reset button. The crashes have happened whilst doing different things. The first time I was opening Opera. Assuming this was a one-off I reset the M3100 and carried on. The next time it happened I was trying to pick up my voicemail. The display said ‘connected’ but nothing was happening, reset and was fine again.

Overall my SPV M3100 has crashed while using Opera, Agile Messenger, the Phone and Email. I don’t think these applications have anything in common, and on a couple of occasions there has been nothing else (that I know of) running in the background.

I’m wondering if I’m alone here and if the SPV M3100 that I have is a rogue device or maybe I have just been unlucky. Whilst my HTC Wizard had its faults, stability was not one of them. I would love to hear from any other Orange M3100 owners, are you having the same problems?


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Atlantis Crew arrive in Florida

[color=#6200aa]The Crew for STS-115 arrived at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida this afternoon ready for scheduled launch on Sunday 27 August at 4.30pm EDT (9.30pm BST).[/color]

Mission STS-115 Shuttle Atlantis

[color=#6200aa]The offical countdown began at noon EDT at T -43 hours and will hopefully conclude at 4.30pm EDT Sunday with the sucessful launch of Atlantis. The Offical countdown includes build in hold times varying in length from 10 minutes upto 12 or more hours.[/color]

[color=#6200aa]NASA’s weather officer is currently predicting a 30% chance of the weather stopping the launch on Sunday – which is very good for Florida at this time of year as afternoon thunderstorms are the norm.[/color]


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