By November 29, 2019

Increasing Traffic to Your Tech Website: A Guide

Whether your website shares blog posts about your niche in the technology world, or products and services as a small business, it’s important that your efforts in curating a brilliant and engaging website aren’t wasted by your not finding any traffic to run through your pages. Without views and clicks, your website can feel a little barren, hopeless and pointless. Meanwhile, though, monitoring a steady increase in web traffic on your site can be incredibly exciting – good for business, and good for exposure, find out more at the link.

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In this short guide, you’ll learn how to increase traffic in four easy steps.

Make Your Web Portfolio

Remember that your website should only be one part of your web of digital assets: you should also be on e-commerce stores if you’re selling, or on social media if you’re a blogger. It’s only by being part of these extra communities that you can be seen as a business or blogger with value and worth. Studies have revealed that one of the most common reasons for individuals to avoid certain websites is that they don’t trust them – so, with social media presence, and a presence on other platforms, you’ll be building those portfolio links to make yourself look far more reliable and trustworthy to web users.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Now, there’s one key way to bring your website more traffic, and that’s through the careful curation of digital marketing strategies that will help your website rise like a cork in water to the top of the pile in Google’s search results. This process is called SEO, and there are several specialist providers of this service with whom you ought to partner if you’d like to see this meteoric rise in clicks and traffic. Look for a top rated marketing agency like Black Storm Roofing Marketing to really give you the outcome you are expecting for your business. Head over to Click Intelligence to find out more about their work, their experts and what they can offer you in terms of data analysis and ground-breaking ways to get your website seen.

If by any chance you want an SEO marketing career or you want to learn more about SEO for your business, you must find out how to start a Freelance SEO career.

In The News

How can you get your website into the news? It’s a good question, and it’ll certainly take some cunning and creativity on your part in order to get featured. However, there are some more tried-and-tested ways to get into the pages of newspapers and magazines:

  • Write an op-ed or a similar type of feature or opinion piece to a magazine or newspaper
  • Ask to be featured on product listings on certain tech sites in order to get seen
  • Partner with organisations with similar audiences to yours, in order to mutually boost traffic

By getting into the news, you’ll boost your SEO as well as bringing in site visitors from the news website you’re published on.

Email Marketing

If you’re seriously looking to make a boost to your traffic in the coming month, perhaps the best way to do so is to launch an email marketing campaign – either with emails that you’ve been shared through a third party, or emails you’ve received from members or customers on your website. Offering deals, discounts, special offers and coupons is a guaranteed way to get people back onto your site – and to get them sharing, too.

These four tips will help form the backbone of your strategy to increase web traffic for your technology website in 2020 and beyond.

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