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Choosing a cheap VPS: crash course

So, you want to host your website and also, to have complete control over it? What if I told you that a perfect virtual environment exists for a very affordable price? With the help of a cheap VPS, you can easily host your website and use near-physical server characteristics. So let me tell you the main perks you need to look for.


The secret to best pricing and highest uptime

As you most probably know, it works by emulating a dedicated server environment using specialized virtualization technology on a physical machine. Therefore you will get your dedicated resources and private work environment despite sharing the same machine with other users. Professional cheap VPS providers can offer a completely customized playground. But the ones who own a certified DC can guarantee the best pricing. You can check out if you’re looking for a dedicated server with a good price.


DC owners are also the best decision because the TIER III certificate works as a warranty that your website will remain stable and have consistent good performance. First and foremost, that can happen thanks to virtual partitions that don’t overlap with each other, and other users won’t be able to impact your share of the resources in any way. Still, only enterprise-class hardware guarantees 99.98% uptime!


Useful add-ons and flexibility

As mentioned before, you get all the resources dedicated solely for you. That includes a set amount of storage, bandwidth, CPU, and RAM. You will have full root access to it, so make sure to use all the valuable add-ons: control panels, IP addresses, Spam Filters, an SSL Certificate, VPN. There is a chance to customize your space entirely. You surely won’t need to contact the app provider for permission to install it on your server.


While looking for an affordable price, it’s better to keep flexibility in mind. There are many rants on flexibility, but choosing a preferable plan is undoubtedly not the one to look for. A terrific deal is when any desired servers are scalable and can be upscaled at any given time with just a few clicks. Pros of the market can do it with no downtime at all.


Perks of a solid community

After choosing your preferred virtual private server plan and the operating system it will be running on, Windows or Linux, you need to get connected. Not only to the service, of course, but also to a solid community. If there is none, the self-managed product might get tricky. Even with 24/7 support (a must), community members provide helpful tips and share different experiences.


All the more detailed information and stats are always given by the provider when choosing the best plan for you. Be sure to check in advance what you might need to start hosting your website efficiently. Have a few affordable options with similar stats? Time to check on valuable connections and responsive staff!


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Top Reasons to Build Scale Models

Building scale models is an activity that is still fairly niche, but it can bring all sorts of different advantages – particularly if you are interested in plane or automobile technology. So, whether you were considering taking up this activity for yourself or it has never really been brought to your attention before, here are just a few of the reasons why you may want to give it a go.

Development of Skills

The first advantage that you get from the building of model plane kits is that you can develop a wide range of skills that can be transferred and utilised in other areas. For example, you can build up your research and planning and some more practical abilities such as cutting, drill, sculpting, and sanding. Further to this, you also build up your attention to detail and patience, which are always useful qualities to possess.

Learn Technical Details

As we already mentioned at the start of the blog post, a big part of building these models for a lot of people is all about the technical details of the vehicles. Many of the best models are created with a high level of accuracy, which means that if you are interested in working in a technical capacity with any of these modes of transport, you can learn a lot about how they are all put together.

Sense of Stress Relief

Many of us feel overwhelmed by our modern lives and are looking for an outlet that allows us to relieve stress. There is no doubt that scale models fit the bill for all sorts of different people. They are quite immersive, which allows you to distract your mind from the things that were otherwise causing you a sense of stress and worry. There is also a great sense of satisfaction to be achieved when you complete any aspect of the build successfully.

Build Up Your Artistic Abilities

As well as a sense of technical skill, there is also the opportunity to build up your artistic abilities when you are building models. While a lot of what you need to do is already set out in front of you, there is plenty of scope to bring in the sense of personal flair and imagination along the way. To begin with, when you are building your first models, you may stick quite closely to the instructions. However, over time, you can start to deviate away from these and add in a little more creative endeavour.

Pride and Satisfaction

There is no doubt that you are going to encounter all sorts of challenging situations when you are building up a scale model. However, once you are finished, you are bound to feel a great sense of pride and personal satisfaction in what you have achieved overall.

So, if you were in need of any reasons to start building scale models, these are just a few of them that may well convince you to try it out for yourself. 

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Futureproofing Your Business in the Digital Age

As a good business owner similar to Andrew Defrancesco, you want to be sure that you are constantly protecting against anything that could prove to be a disruption to your progress or to your output. That’s something that is much easier said than done, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be vigilant to always be on the lookout for ways you could keep yourself protected. That being said, you’re also still a business, and your core focus is always going to one of financial incentive; therefore, you have a tricky balancing act to strike. Though it makes sense to be protected, it doesn’t make as much to spend more money than is necessary on contingency plans that could be used to protect yourself if a specific scenario were to unfold.

At you will find a professional team that helps companies to succeed and boost their companies with different strategies.

What does make sense, however, is knowing what poses the greater risks to your business and then working to protect yourself against those more prevalent threats. These threats can come in all shapes and sizes, so unfortunately, it won’t be often that you find a ‘one size fits all’ cure, but the solutions presented could find themselves to be a lighter strain on your finances than you might expect. Contact Joslin Rhodes Newcastle for the best financial advice. While this sort of protection in itself is a natural part of doing business, recognising these threats has often been made more difficult by their sheer multiplicity in the digital age, meaning you might be unsure where to look to for help.


Protecting Yourself from a High Staff Turnover

Many people will argue on what the most important aspect of any given business might be. While many might suggest that the clients or the customers are the force necessary to keep your company alive, there are plenty who would suggest it is the employees, for the business simply cannot function without them. Regardless of your stance on this issue, there’s no denying the fact that your employees are indeed incredibly important to your business. All manner of tasks from the most crucial and urgent down to the most simple, administrative kind are handled by them. With that in mind, it makes sense that one matter you would want to protect yourself from is that of losing your staff regularly to other positions in other companies.

Good employees aren’t necessarily as hard to come by as people might suggest, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less valuable, and losing them would be a blow that you would certainly feel. There is a variety of ways you could go about reducing your staff turnover – with some of the more favoured options being offering them plenty of opportunities to train internally and giving them the attention that they need and deserve. If your staff feel as though they have room and opportunity to grow within your business, they will feel like they can challenge themselves, envisioning a long-term career there. If that opportunity is absent, then they’ll be more likely to look elsewhere. 

Equally, paying ample attention to your staff and ensuring that they are happy, while not a task that has a quantifiable and immediately obvious benefit to the business, is something that can’t be understated. Different people will have different approaches to this, with different employees also being more receptive to some approaches than others. Regardless, knowing that you’re making an effort is something that will improve the way your staff feels about you, and that effort won’t go unappreciated. It’s also important that new business owners get Business Advice how statutory sick pay is calculated. Providing paid sick leave for your workers, will benefit your company’s bottom line in the long run.


Finding the Right Cyber Security

When talking about threats that are unique to the digital age, this is the kind of protection that you want to be looking at. It’s something that is important for everybody, so it’s doubtlessly something that you’ve already enlisted for your company. Be that as it may, sometimes having a better form of cyber security can bring an additional level of comfort that will make all the difference when you and your team are in the middle of a busy season. The type of issues that you’re protecting yourself against might seem nebulous while you remain fortunately unaffected, with cyber security perhaps seeming like an unnecessary measure, but it most certainly is not. The amount of damage that online threats could inflict on your business is enormous and is often easily preventable by getting 24×7 monitoring services from a reputable cybersecurity company like Nettitude, you can see the Nettitude SOC Team here if you’re interested.

Having your workflow and productivity disrupted on that kind of grand scale can really set you back, especially when that’s not the only sort of setback you’re dealing with as a result of poor cyber security. While you can’t always avoid these kinds of problems, doing everything to ensure that you try your best is a good place to start.

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Why is having an at-home office better for working remotely (and why you should keep it after the pandemic is over)

While many of us have been working from home, our improvisation skills have come to the fore. Kitchen tables have become conference rooms, bedrooms have become classrooms, bookcase and shelves have become extra work storage spaces. They have become our designated workspaces for the last year, and overall, according to experts including Andy Defrancesco, it hasn’t seemed all too bad. 

However, those blessed with a spare bedroom or a home office have had things an awful lot easier. The reason for this is the association of a designated area or space to work and that you can close the door to keep distractions out and walk away from it when the working day has ended (more on that in a minute). Use A5 binders to organize your documents. 

Those that have been forced to work in bedrooms and kitchens have found it far harder to focus. They are trying to work in spaces that they have always used for something else. Here are some other reasons why having an at-home office is far better for working remotely, to check if this will also help your line of business, consider the experts opinion from Bob Bratt


Privacy (and peace and quiet)

When working in a kitchen or sitting room, it can be difficult to get some privacy. You have people wandering in and out, banging around, and just generally being a distraction. If you have children, they might even be doing it on purpose to irritate. Having space where you can work by yourself means you can stay focused without interruptions from other people with out depriving you from access to trusted contractors like’s managed social media services who can handle important aspects of your business. 


You’re detached from the rest of the house

Doing this means that you don’t have any distractions or associations with the room other than work. Having a room, you don’t often use or having space you only visit when you work can create your own transition from work to home life. While it may seem odd, this can act as a commute, a time in which your body knows when to relax and when to pay attention. As a result, it can be easier to switch off in the evenings and not overwork yourself.

But why is it important to keep home offices after the pandemic?


It keeps all of the work in one place.

By doing this, you can stay organised without going all over the house looking for your misplaced binder or trying to find the charging lead for one of the laptop computers that you use for work, which means that settling down and working straight away with fewer distractions is easier.

It’s more convenient

It’s an excellent place to store any stationery and office necessities and can be the best place to set up camp if your business decides it’s better working from home. Keeping your home office can also create a good space for the kids to do their homework to help their concentration levels. 

It boosts productivity

If you need a space to sit down and organize something, a home office can be a great way to help hone in your focus. Doing this can help you double down on the task at hand and can tell others in your household that you are busy and not to be disturbed.

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How to Train Employees on New Tech Quickly

Training employees to use technology comfortably can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. However, with so many companies relying on tech for their growth and development, it is one that you must be prepared to take on.

To start, make sure to give them the correct uniforms for their task, no matter what your industry, safety of employees is always a top concern. This statement is especially true in areas of service where chemicals, fire or other dangerous substances need to be handled. Work uniforms ensure that all persons in any given workspace are identifiable as employees and not customers or outsiders. This is especially important in areas of public safety but also home services from cleaning to pest control. If your workers need to enter homes or interact with the public, the recognition work uniforms provide help create a sense of trust. It provides employees and customers a way to communicate so everyone is comfortable and not at risk.

How do you go about achieving this task in the most efficient manner? Consider getting help from experts like Josh MacDonald. Many small business owners struggle with this aspect of marketing and have neither the time nor knowledge to keep track of their social media accounts. The time to update, post content, respond and then interact with their audiences just isn’t there.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you out with this:

Choose Your Tech Carefully

First of all, when you are setting up your office for the first time or thinking about making some upgrades, think carefully about what sort of tech you would like to bring in. Make sure that the tech that you are bringing in is going to be of genuine use to your business and its day-to-day operations. There is no point in spending the time to train your employees in a particular program – only to find that you are going to scrap it very quickly. Otherwise, this will all be wasted time, and you will need to get them up to speed with something else all too quickly. If you are going to integrate salesforce to your business, we recommend you teach your employees salesforce basic terminology so they are better prepared for the integration.

Focus on User Interface

People are much more likely to get on with a user interface that is not too complicated. For this reason, you may decide that VDI solutions are a great addition to your office. Even people who are not all that tech savvy can find themselves being able to use the programs that spell out exactly what they have to do in the clearest possible manner. An easier interface is also going to cut down on the amount of training time required. After all, time is money when it comes to the world of business.

Get Outside Help

If you do not have your own in-house tech team, it may be necessary to bring in assistance from outside to help take care of the problem. When you invest in a new piece of hardware or software, it is often the case that it comes with some training hours already built into the package. If not, an outsourced IT consultation firm can prove to be invaluable in this regard. Improving the IT skills of your employees always seems like it is going to be a sensible investment.

Tailor Training Accordingly

It may not be the case that every single member of staff requires the same type of training. For example, your accountancy team may not need the same training as your marketing team. One of them may be using the new software on a daily basis, while the other may simply need a general overview of what you are offering. Over time, you may be able to implement your own in-house training that develops organically where a designated member of staff takes care of onboarding the new recruits from an agency like the ones at

Getting your employees up to speed on new technology is an invaluable task, as well as one that can provide your organization with a much-needed boost that can help to keep you ahead of your competitors.



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Has Technology Impacted Online Casinos?

There isn’t an industry that hasn’t been impacted by 21st century technology; whether it be retail, customer services, or online casinos. Innovative technology is creating numerous ways for businesses to meet the demands of their customers and our ever changing society.

Online casinos have thrived from all aspects of technology and have consistently sought new ways to expand and develop the services that they provide. From mobile casinos like the ones at Gamblem to the more common desktop alternatives, all aspects of online casinos have seen changes over the past few years. However, how has technology has brought about this rapid change in online casinos?


Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm ever since the anonymous group Satoshi Nakamto founded the platform on which currencies can be digitally mined; subsequently leading to over 1,800 currencies being founded. Whilst some are penniless, those such as Ethereum and Bitcoin have amassed a substantial, yet fluctuating, value can be used as a virtual multicurrency across an array of online platforms, read more about this on hodl stock.

Due to the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies, e-wallets have been developed as a means of virtually storing this, thus allowing account holders to freely buy bitcoin and spend their money in places that accept virtual currency. Within the online casino world, this has created new opportunities for players to gamble their crypto and potentially win big.

The increased relevancy of crypto in gambling has also created a safer and more secure transaction process due to the entirety of crypto transactions being encrypted by high security levels provided by e-wallets. Cryptocurrency promises a safer, more anonymous, and efficient transacting process as it begins to be used on a widespread level across the globe.

Cryptocurrency is undeniably the future of online casinos.


Artificial Intelligence / Virtual Reality

Artificial Intelligence (or AI) has drastically altered the way in which online casinos offer a user friendly gambling experience. AI technology has provided online casinos with the capabilities to effectively manage games and tailor the experience based on the gambler’s preferences. Additionally, artificial intelligence can suggest appropriate bets to place and advise gamblers throughout their play.

Virtual Reality (or VR) can provide a simulated casino hall or live table to immerse players in a realistic gambling scenario comparable to physically playing in a casino. The advancements in this type of innovative technology are presenting various new gameplay options that have allowed online casinos to expand their services and offer games with higher graphic quality and a higher level of interactivity compared to games predating this technology.

Developments in both of these technologies have opened doors for online casinos and developers alike, by rapidly normalising the integration of high end technologies with the hegemony of current level of mobile technology to create the future of gambling. Whilst a lot of this developing technology may not be immediately accessible, in upcoming years both virtual reality and artificial intelligence will fully take the gambling world by storm.



With the developments of mobile phones, tablets, and computers becoming increasingly prevalent within the mainstream, a majority of the population now have access to technology of all forms. Particularly with the convenience of mobile devices, phone owners can use their phones anywhere that holds a stable signal, whether they be commuting, working from home, or out and about.

This has allowed online casinos and other gambling sites to truly hit the mainstream of consumers and vastly increase the focus on mobile devices, whilst also increasing user retention with an easy to access and user friendly gambling experience tailored to the demands of the consumer, evident when you see how certain sites are using new customer signup bonuses and offers on mobile platforms via push notifications.

In coming years, with more revolutionising technology available to the public, online casinos and gambling apps are going to increase even further in relevancy.





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New Xplora X5 Play smartwatch for kids

Xplora X5 Play smartwatch

Xplora, the popular Norwegian smartwatch company, today announced that the X5 Play smartwatch for kids is now available in the UK. The Xplora X5 Play, based on the Snapdragon Wear platform, is designed for tech savvy children and offers parents’ true peace of mind. It is an ideal first phone for children aged 4-11 and is the only smartwatch for kids with gamification and a step tracker to help drive more physical activity. The Xplora X5 is available in black, blue or pink from the Xplora website now for £159.99 and in the US from the Xplora website for $149.99 

With the X5 Play, children can make and receive calls from up to 50 approved contacts, while parents can  be confident in knowing their child’s location at all times. Kids can take and store up to 1,000 pictures, play games and track their steps to earn prize incentives through the Xplora Goplay platform which encourages children to be more physically active.

Two questions that almost every parent asks themselves are, how can I better communicate with my children, and how can I get them more active,” said Sten Kirkbak, CEO of Xplora. “That is what drove us to create the Xplora smartwatch for kids. Estimates predict more than 100 million smartwatches for children will be shipped in the next two years, so we realized our product and service platform would need to stand out and address these questions. No other smartwatch for kids provides the combination of phone, smartwatch, activity tracker, safety and a Goplay platform with the incentives needed to get kids up and moving.”

Whats New in the X5 Play:

The market for children’s wearables is exploding. Xplora products already have 11% market penetration with children 4-11 in Norway. Now, the X5 Play makes Europe’s most popular smartwatch for kids brand available in the U.K and includes several hardware and software upgrades. The X5 Play includes only those smartwatch features that are appropriate for young children. These features help parents and kids:

  • Stay connected – The X5 Play is the ideal first phone for children. It works everywhere a smartphone works. It keeps parents and kids connected while giving parents complete control over what their child can do and who they can communicate with.
  • Stay safer – The X5 Play uses GPS in combination with GSM and WIFI triangulation to keep parents informed where their children are at all times. Additionally, parents can easily set up safe zones via a Google Maps integration, and they will be alerted when their children enter or leave the safe zones.
  • Stay active – The X5 Play encourages kids to be more active. It includes a step counter, rewards for every 1,000 steps taken, and interactive gamification experiences, including the integration with Doctor Who and Dora and the Lost City of Gold on the Goplay platform.
  • Stay curious – The X5 Play encourages children to explore their environment and record their adventures with a 2MP camera that stores up to a thousand pictures on the device.
  • Stay secure – Xplora and the X5 Play comply with the strictest security and transparency standards in Asia and Europe, including GDPR compliance, to ensure that all the data is well protected from misuse and exploitation. It is also CPRA and CE/FCC compliant.


“Smartwatches for kids is one of the fastest growing segments in the wearables space today,” said Pankaj Kedia, Sr. Director & Global Head, Smart Wearables segment, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “We are delighted to be collaborating with Xplora to fuel this growth with innovative products that kids love and parents desire. Our Snapdragon Wear platform, the heart of Xplora’s X5 Play smartwatch, is making it possible to deliver rich, interactive experiences while staying connected with 4G LTE, staying safer with GPS, and delivering extended battery life.”


The X5 Play Gets Kids Moving

Xplora gets kids up and moving. Xplora is more effective than traditional fitness and GPS trackers because it encourages kids to move through fun activities and gamification, in order to build a better balance between screen time and activity.

The Xplora Goplay platform includes popular gamification content launched in collaboration with BBC’s Doctor Who, Sony’s Peter Rabbit 2 and Paramount’s Dora to name but a few. Children earn one coin for every 1000 steps they make and these coins can be used to claim merchandise from these shows and movies. If they achieve a top 10 placement on the weekly leaderboard kids can also receive exclusive prize bundles which could include Bluetooth speakers, action cameras and Amazon gift cards!  All collaborations are specifically designed to keep kids motivated, engaged, and moving.

“Getting kids moving is more important than ever,” said Sten Kirkbak “During the pandemic, kid’s screen time is up 500% and parents need to find new ways to motivate kids to move or replace the activity they would normally get in a physical education class at school. The X5 Play and Goplay is a great way to do so.”

Children who wear Xplora smartwatches and engage with the Goplay platform typically take up to 300% more steps a day than regular users. Each week, Xplora users in Europe walk more than 2.5 billion steps, which is the equivalent of walking around the world five times every day.

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Games to Experience Vegas from Home

You don’t have to travel all the way to Las Vegas for a gambling experience. Of course, it cannot be denied that the glittering Vegas experience is unique and cannot be reproduced. You have to go to bandarqq to enjoy the Vegas casino experience, complete with free drinks and charming croupiers. Despite this, several successful attempts have been made to take Vegas right up to players’ doorsteps, totally eliminating the need for players to travel to Sin City.

Do you like the game League of Legends? At you can buy accounts ready for ranked play.

Play Casino Games Online

The easiest way to experience Vegas at home is to sign up at an online casino, load your account, and start playing online casino games for real money. One of the best casino sites in the industry is Slots Heaven, which runs on a sophisticated software platform and offers an impressive portfolio of online pokies. Visit this gaming blog to make sure that every transaction you make on a gaming marketplace is a safe one.

You won’t get any free drinks while playing with an agen slot, but you can surely enjoy brilliant graphics, entertaining animations, and realistic sound effects along with enormous bonus offers, cashback offers, and rewards for loyalty. Playing casino games online is like experiencing Vegas away from Vegas. This list of gacha games for pc and mobile has everything you need.

Live Dealer Games

If you want to play a game that is actually being played at physical locations, you should play at live casinos, which usually form parts of online casinos’ product portfolios. Not all online casinos offer live gaming services, but some of them do and it is not at all difficult for players to find them. Usually, live casinos offer games such as Live Casino Hold’em, Live Poker, Live Baccarat, Live Roulette, and Live Blackjack.

You don’t even need computers and software programs to create a Vegas-like atmosphere at home. Simply organize a casino night or a casino-themed party. Decorate your house like a casino, invite your friends, and play immortal casino games such as poker, blackjack, and baccarat.

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Create your perfect home entertainment room

Staying in is the new going out.  Many of us have ditched the cinema for the small screen, whether we like it or not.  But trying to turn nights and weekends spent indoors, into an experience is difficult to do.  So, perhaps creating your own home entertainment room is the answer?  But how do you make the perfect space for cinematic nights and entertaining evenings in?  Here’s a few ‘must have’ items to consider.


Sound and vision

So, the first thing you’re likely to think about is installing a big screen.  But do you go for a high-end TV screen, or a projector? This will be down to personal choice and budget of course, as well as your technical know-how.  If you’re going for that big-screen experience you may prefer a projector, although you’ll need to make sure your room is big enough and suitably dark.

Don’t forget that sound is a big part of the experience too!  Think about sound bars and home cinema speaker sets for ultimate screenings.

Along with your cinematic set up, you’ll need to think about wiring and power points.  Consider how you route cables and tuck them out of sight.  Work out whether you have sockets in the right locations.  If you’re thinking of wiring a new socket, make sure you budget for an electrician to carry this work out for you.


Are you sitting comfortably?

Your seating is going to be another big consideration for your home entertainment room.  You’ll possibly be thinking of large comfy seating to make screenings a thing of luxury, be it overly large armchairs or sofas.  However, another thing to think about is having tiered seating.  Especially if you’re planning to have lots of family or friends enjoying the space too.  Tiered seating doesn’t have to mean classic cinema seats though, as you can build a platform behind your armchairs or sofa to place another ‘row’ of comfy seating. And if you are having new carpets installed then have a look at this brilliant underlay for carpet tiles to make your entertainment room feel extra cozy.


The right ambience

To create the right ambience, you’ll need to consider the colour scheme and lighting you use in the room.  White walls will make the room seem bright, but that might not be the best for your cinematic experience.  Dark walls and ceilings may make more sense.  Adding dimmable ceiling and wall lights will mean you can control when you want it light enough to see and dark enough for screenings, as well as create that theatrical ambience. And for a clean entertainment room, you can check out these prevention tips from Water Mold Fire Restoration.


Extra entertainment

Finally, you might want to think about adding some extra entertainment into your room, in addition to your big screen.  If it’s a family room, this may be a games or pool table, or if you’re going for a more stylish adult space perhaps a cocktail bar or some retro arcade machines.