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The 3 Best Webcams for WFH Employees

Even before the pandemic caught the world off guard, there was a growing trend among many of today’s corporations, large and small, to hire a flex workforce. Not only did this help to reduce overheads, but it also enabled employers to recruit the top talent from literally every corner of the earth. It also gave workers the ability to take positions they would never before have been able to accept without relocating to a new city. When allowing your employees to take contacts from home using this HD webcams, consider this CMS World Enterprise physiognomy courses for them.

If you are an employer with work-from-home (WFH) staff, you will want to provide them with the means of staying in constant communication with the home office. Videoconferencing platforms are a priority and you will also want to be assured they have a good quality HD webcam.

1. Brio Ultra HD Pro Business Webcam

If your home worker will be collaborating with other creatives, this would be the webcam of choice. With its 4k HD resolution, meetings will be crystal clear, making it easier to share even the tiniest detail with crystal clarity. Typically priced at just over 200 GBP, this is an extremely cost effective piece of technology for all the features available. When meeting with clients, this particular webcam functions well in literally any light condition for extremely low light to high contrast lighting, and even handles direct sunlight well. This light-handling feature is what also makes it ideal for collaboration among creatives. What sets this webcam apart from so many 4k webcams on the market is in how it is able to stream videos at any resolution, making it adaptable even to servers with limited bandwidth capacity.

2. Razer Kiyo

While a good, low cost webcam, this is not one you’d want to use for collaboration among creatives or for videoconferencing with important clients. The Razer Kiyo offers resolutions at 1080p or 720p. It is advertised as offering full HD resolution, but you will not get the quality or clarity of top shelf webcams like the abovementioned Brio Ultra HD. The main attraction of this webcam is the low cost, making it cost effective for companies with a large WTF workforce. This is a good option for those workers who simply need to communicate with the home office from time to time but aren’t likely to spend much time impressing clients.

3. Logitech C925e Business Webcam

Here is another Logitech webcam that is suitable for most business applications. It is mid-range in cost and offers many of the same features as the abovementioned Brio by Logitech, but without all the bells and whistles. This particular model is designed for all-day collaboration and is ideally suited for home workers who need to connect regularly throughout the day with other team members and/or departments.

While many of today’s all-in-one PCs have built-in cameras, they tend to lack the quality of external cams such as those mentioned above. Whether your employees are working from a desktop PC, a laptop or even a tablet, you should consider the benefits of providing webcams designed primarily for business use. According to Bloomberg, at least half of London firms are forecast to employ a large number of WFH employees which means that webcams are a key piece of technology necessary for connectivity within a WFH workforce.

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The online casino trends that have taken shape in 2021

Online casinos have continued to thrive in 2021, with more gamblers hoping to get a thrill, whether it by trying out the latest slots or traditional table games. Indeed, the best online casino sites have endeavoured to provide a wealth of titles that seek to engage with novice and seasonal players.

What is also apparent, is that the online casino landscape has fundamentally changed over the past 12 months. This has been in part due to the pandemic, which has ultimately dictated the nature of the casino gamble experience, as many land-based establishments have been closed.

Inherently, attitudes have shifted, and with the rise of new technologies, there are some fascinating trends taking shape. So, let’s take a deep dive and explore five factors that have surfaced in 2021 which will continue to grow in the coming months.


Mobile Gaming is increasingly important

Although some players will want to replicate the Vegas-style casino experience in the confines of their home, the necessity of mobile gaming can’t be underestimated. Casino sites across the world are trying to find new ways to engage with players to retain their loyalty in the long term. The 10 best online casino malaysia are the most trusted online casino by many players.

More traffic appears to be from mobile-based devices, and so casinos want to make their apps as immersive and intuitive as possible. Players want to know they can replicate the desktop experience while on the go. Aside from serving up exclusive bonus offers, casinos want to make the mobile element of their site as seamless as possible, especially if they can’t commute to a land-based establishment to get a fix from their favourite games.


Esports Betting

Arguably one of the most significant trends in 2021, was the rise to prominence of Esports betting. Although data published by the Gambling Commission showed a drop in online gambling activity in 2021, Esports has displayed no signs of slowing down.

The Esports betting scene has continued to soar, with a whole host of the biggest tournaments and competitions available to players, including League of Legends, CS:Go and Dota 2. Online casino sites are always seeking to make a healthy profit, and incorporating Esports into their portfolio will naturally hold sway for those bettors who want to branch out.

Esports fans can live stream tournaments at online sites, and if casinos can tailor their content to satisfy the demands of their customers, they will be on to a sure-fire winner.


Power of Virtual Reality Gambling

In this new age for online casinos, Virtual reality isn’t just the sort of thing you see in sci-fi movies. From an online casino perspective, VR goes beyond pseudo-3D interfaces, and in 2021, it is beginning to take hold, especially when you can play in a headset.

By replicating the ambience of a brick-and-mortar site, VR has enabled players to speak to live dealers directly from home, creating a sense of excitement. They can play the games of their choice without having to wait for a seat at the table. In 2021, casino players want to feel immersed, and while it is in the nascent stages, we expect casinos to use VR more once the technology becomes sophisticated.


Artificial Intelligence 

While primarily used for cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence has slowly been rolled out to online casinos in 2021. One of the most significant developments has been to keep tabs on players and detect any fraudulent patterns.

Online casinos don’t have CCTV cameras in the way that physical casinos have, but to maintain a level of honesty and fairness, online casinos are now realising the benefits of AI. Indeed, online casinos want to promote responsible gambling, and AI essentially acts as a  middleman to carry out thorough checks.


Cryptocurrency based payments

Although previously cryptocurrencies were frowned upon by the casino fraternity, there has been an explosion of crypto-based sites over the past few years. These are geared towards more modern-day players, who want more freedom and flexibility in the way they bankroll their accounts.

Gamblers can retain a sense of anonymity, and while cryptocurrencies circumnavigate traditional banking laws, online casino sites aren’t prepared to tread with caution. More sites are offering favourable promotional offers for those who deposit with Bitcoin or 99 starz crypto, for example, and it is something we will see in the months and years to come.

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