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LeoVegas Gambling App Finally Passes the Google Compliance Process

LeoVegas is a Swedish gambling platform owned by LeoVegas Gaming plc that provides players with table games, video slots, and other casino games. Recently, LeoVegas Casino made history by becoming the first gambling platform to pass the google app compliance process. That means players from Denmark, Spain, and Sweden can now download the LeoVegas app from Google Play instead of accessing it on the casino website.

What is Google Compliance Process?

To ensure the company does not rub shoulders with the authorities, Google came up with a complex Gambling app compliance process. The procedure is also meant to restrict fraudulent gambling apps from being made available on their Google Play platform. One of the requirements for a betting company to pass the compliance process includes providing valid licenses that indicate the site is legally allowed to operate within a specific jurisdiction. Furthermore, a casino’s gambling app should not be available at a fee. These, among many other stipulations, have seen gambling companies miss out on the opportunity to display their app on Google Play.

However, that is not the case with the LeoVegas gambling app, which is currently available on Google Play in the stated countries. The disadvantage of not having a gambling app on Google Play is that it limits the accessibility and visibility of the application. Furthermore, it lengthens the app installation process contrary to the automatic app installation feature enjoyed only by apps on google play.

What Does It Mean for Smartphone Users?

Even with a compatible mobile that uses powerful graphics chips for smartphones, players still need to install the LeoVegas app to play casino games and enjoy some of the best no deposit bonus codes on the market. The news comes a few months after LeoVegas made yet another step of introducing open banking payments for its players. In addition, recent communications from Google mentioned the tech giant would be lifting the ban imposed on gambling apps in numerous countries, thus increasing the number of territories allowing more players to access gambling apps on Google Play.

According to LeoVegas’ director of product and technology, the application deadline was near. Therefore, broad steps had to be taken to make sure they beat the deadline. Countries whose residents are still unable to access the LeoVegas Android application on Google Play should continue using the old app download and installation process until LeoVegas passed the Google compliance test in those regions.



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Choosing a cheap VPS: crash course

So, you want to host your website and also, to have complete control over it? What if I told you that a perfect virtual environment exists for a very affordable price? With the help of a cheap VPS, you can easily host your website and use near-physical server characteristics. So let me tell you the main perks you need to look for.


The secret to best pricing and highest uptime

As you most probably know, it works by emulating a dedicated server environment using specialized virtualization technology on a physical machine. Therefore you will get your dedicated resources and private work environment despite sharing the same machine with other users. Professional cheap VPS providers can offer a completely customized playground. But the ones who own a certified DC and has a brand allignment software can guarantee the best pricing. You can check out if you’re looking for a dedicated server with a good price.


DC owners are also the best decision because the TIER III certificate works as a warranty that your website will remain stable and have consistent good performance. First and foremost, that can happen thanks to virtual partitions that don’t overlap with each other, and other users won’t be able to impact your share of the resources in any way. Still, only enterprise-class hardware guarantees 99.98% uptime!


Useful add-ons and flexibility

As mentioned before, you get all the resources dedicated solely for you. That includes a set amount of storage, bandwidth, CPU, and RAM. You will have full root access to it, so make sure to use all the valuable add-ons: control panels, IP addresses, Spam Filters, an SSL Certificate, VPN. There is a chance to customize your space entirely. You surely won’t need to contact the app provider for permission to install it on your server.


While looking for an affordable price, it’s better to keep flexibility in mind. There are many rants on flexibility, but choosing a preferable plan is undoubtedly not the one to look for. A terrific deal is when any desired servers are scalable and can be upscaled at any given time with just a few clicks. Pros of the market can do it with no downtime at all.


Perks of a solid community

After choosing your preferred virtual private server plan and the operating system it will be running on, Windows or Linux, you need to get connected. Not only to the service, of course, but also to a solid community. If there is none, the self-managed product might get tricky. Even with 24/7 support (a must), community members provide helpful tips and share different experiences.


All the more detailed information and stats are always given by the provider when choosing the best plan for you. Be sure to check in advance what you might need to start hosting your website efficiently. Have a few affordable options with similar stats? Time to check on valuable connections and responsive staff!


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